Eseco are e-commerce specialists. Using our business systems allows our customers to enable and ensure that the technical side of their business works optimally.
Eseco's e-commerce and distance trading business systems are built for multi-channel sales with a focus on saving both the customer and the end user time and money.
The systems, which we develop ourselves, automate order flows (with associated customer management), invoicing, inventory management and connections to third parties, such as card operators, distributors, credit assessors and debt collection companies.

An important instrument in our work is our API, a WSDL, which customers can use to connect their existing web shop with our business systems. This is how we can offer the customer the best of both worlds, partly so the customer can keep their existing web shop, and partly so the customer can develop a stable and flexible business system that can grow.
We're developing a system for a cash register (POS) called MoneyWeb and a payment and part-payment system, Moneymaker. Our customers are represented in a wide range of industries, for example: home electronics, clothing, health food and home furnishings, with operations in Scandinavia, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland, among others.