Kassanova is a modern and competent business system adapted to the needs of specialist retailers. Kassanova gives you functions that generate customer and business benefits. You can make your business more effective with smart functions.

Kassanova offers a range of functions including certified and user-friendly cash management, integrated payment card solutions, smooth quotation and order management, efficient invoice management, connection to PDA with built-in barcode reader, article loading, inventory management with automatic purchase proposals, processing leftover orders, printing shelf edge labels, statistics, web shop integrations, mobile solutions and a range of other smart features.

Errors in sales are minimised with article loading, article registers with barcode management, contract management, campaign management, integrated card payment, quotation management, delivery slip processing and invoicing in one and the same system.
The purchasing procedure is streamlined with inventory management, order parameters and automatic purchasing proposals (with seasonal variations).
Orders can either be printed, emailed directly to the supplier or sent with EDI.
Registering deliveries is easy by signing for outstanding orders in Kassanova.
Inventory, sale and change of shelf edge labels is done easily with the help of a handheld device.