Flowbox is Europe's fastest growing SaaS company in MarTech. Companies can use Flowbox to discover and collect user-generated content (UGC) with Flowbox connected to their own brand from social media that can be used for marketing. UGC such as pictures and video created by the company's customers increases credibility and engagement. It also strengthens customer loyalty and company community on social media. If you're an e-trader you can import your Google Shopping feed and connect your products to the content you want to publish.

The content collected in the platform from the sources you have chosen can then be published in visual feeds on, for example, a website or product page, but can also be embedded in emails or displayed on screens in physical stores.
When content is linked to a product and used in an online shop, customer engagement increases and so do conversions and sales.
You can also create a dynamic feed which shows content that changes depending on the context. The platform has time-saving features that make it easy to ask content creators for the right to use the material.
You can create templates and easily see which content has been approved.

Companies that use UGC in their marketing often see a noticeable increase in conversion rate as well as click-through rate.
Flowbox makes it possible to turn engagement in social media into actual sales. We have some of Europe's largest fashion and retail brands in our customer portfolio.

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