Nets offers payment solutions that meet your needs in all channels. Nets has everything you need to get paid online in Sweden or Europe.

Your customers' preferred way to pay and experience

Different individuals, places and cultures have different payment preferences. Nets has the knowledge to develop and deliver what your customers want. Optimise conversion by offering your customers the most popular payment methods in Sweden and the option to pay in local currencies around Europe.

You control the customer experience

Tailor your checkout to your company or brand. Choose the method of payment you want to offer, place your checkout where you want it and shape it using design tools.

Payments for all industries

Nets customers include streaming services, parking companies, associations, local authorities, travel companies and conventional e-tailers. Nets has over twenty years experience in internet payments so you can feel secure that Nets has what it takes to ensure successful payments for your personal industry.

Supports all conventional e-commerce platforms

Easy integration with all conventional e-commerce platforms and open source systems. Ongoing updates and improvements included.