Wasa Kredit

Wasa Kredit is a finance company that offers leasing and installment financing, partly via partners in industries such as vehicle trade, computer/office trade and machine trade, and partly directly to corporate customers. 

We also offer instalments and loans

  • Leasing, as a payment method, makes it possible for your customer to commit
    immediately, and divide the cost, monthly - without any cash input.
  • The monthly fee is fully-deductible, and the customer doesn’t have to worry about
    calculating depreciation on the equipment.
  • Our E-commerce leasing is fully-automated, and credit assessment is done
    immediately, at checkout.
  • The contract can be signed quickly and easily, by the signatories, with a mobile
  • As the e-retailer, you get paid immediately. Wasa Kredit takes the credit risk, and
    you can focus on your next affair.
  • When the contract has been signed and approved, you can readily deliver the