Norce Storefront

Fast and Flexible Headless Storefront

Norce Storefront is front-end packaging, built for e-commerce merchants with high demands on both performance and flexibility; and which lives up to the expectations placed on a modern consumer experience, in constant flux.

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Instant Access to New Functionality – Without Having to Invest Resources in Development

Norce Storefront ensures both, the quality in the initial project; as well as the ability of users to continuously stay informed abour all ongoing new development.

Norce Content Editor

Norce Storefront even supports administrative tasks in Norce Content Editor, which makes it possible to easily manage content on the start, category, or landing pages; directly from the Norce Merchant Center.



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Our Focus is on Performance

There is a clear link between speed on e-commerce pages, and conversion rate.
Performance, in terms of both speed and up-time, is therefore central, in Norce Storefront’s structural development. In order to guarantee high performance rates, we take care of everything; from operation to CDN (Content Delivery Network), to auto-scaling of images.

Best of breed

With Norce Storefront, flexibility is paramount! You may prefer to use a specific CMS, or search engine, or customer personalization solution. With Norce Storefront, you have access to a large number of integration adaptors for linking to the market's leading third-party applications.
If you prefer to construct a particular integration for your specific business, instead; you always have access to Norce APIs, which gives you the freedom you need.

Technology that guarantees security and performance

Norce Storefront is based on React and Node JS.

We oversee all operations, and hosting

We use Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, Azure, for data storage. With technology like Kubernetes, we can: manage data load balancing; track resource allocation; and scalability (up, or down); based on your needs.

All visual media is optimizied

Via Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Akamai Image Manager, all visual media is optimized, for each user; regardless of location. This means that images only need be uploaded in one size. Akamai automates the process of customizing the image for mobile; creating thumbnails; or making sure that the image loads quickly, on your customers' devices.

Automatic testing

Norce Storefront includes automatic testing and deployment; with support for integrated tracking, such as: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook.


Norce Storefront Strengths

  • Modern user experience that converts
  • Short charging times and high performance
  • Great flexibility in building unique and pixel-perfect designs
  • Reduces the cost of the initial project, as well as ongoing system upkeep
  • Fully loaded with functionality
  • Ready-built integration adaptors, for leading third-party systems tredjepartssystem
  • Open for integration
  • Quick time-to-market

What our customers say about us

With an e-commerce platform that contains crucial functionality, we don’t need to build everything ourselves, but can spend our time and resources on analyzing our customer data; and, based on that, develop specific improvement proposals.

Christoffer Häggström CIO, Bergans of Norway

We wanted a solution that is flexible, easy to work with; with constant technical advancement. A solution that would allow us to consistently evolve; along with our customers' needs, and market demand. With the new e-commerce engine, we have the ability to integrate with many other business systems; and it also provides us flexibility, so that we can replace systems, if customer need requires it, or if the market changes.

Charlotte Cellbes CEO, Cellbes

Our solution gives us the ability to focus even more on our customer! With the SaaS solution we now have, we don’t have to be concerned with performance, upgrades, software version management, or other such things; but can count on that the engine works, and is stable.

Andreas Rudklint eCommerce Project Manager, Tretorn

Cloud Hosting

We take operation and hosting very seriously. Making sure that your e-commerce platform is always accessible to your customers is a top priority for us. 


How we operate and host

With Microsoft Azure and Akamai, we can ensure high-access operations that is near infinitely scalable and globally expandable.
Both Microsoft Azure and Akamai have data centers around the world, and by distributing operations geographically – across several data centers, as close to our merchants end customers as possible – we reduce both charging times, and waiting times, for data transfer.