Meet Indpro - our new Solution Partner

Norce is excited to announce our new Solution Partner, Indpro AB, an innovative IT-partner.

In a recent interview, Tom Bergström, Indpro's COO / Deputy CEO, talked about why partnering with Norce was an excellent decision. 

Tell us about Indpro 

Indpro was founded in 2005 based on the vision to help Swedish companies gain access to great IT-competence - and at the same time create new jobs with good working conditions. Three friends from university started the company in 2005. Two of these co-founders have their roots from the Indian subcontinent but are born and raised in Sweden. One thing we talked about early on was why outsourcing a project usually goes wrong. Digging a bit deeper we came to some conclusions that we would make sure not to repeat in our company. One fallacy is to believe that outsourcing means sending your project into a black hole, and then expecting by some miracle a perfect delivery to come back in a few months time. We found that to be a major problem, the perception of how to conduct outsourcing, that you can just send something out without much communication and get it back according to your expectations. There were huge shortcomings in the type of outsourcing we saw. We thought, of course, that we must remedy this!

We are rooted with both Swedish and Indian culture, and way of doing business and communicating, so we had an angle. We personally went down to India and registered our own company there (as well as an AB in Stockholm) and set up our own office. We worked hard on hiring the right initial talent that could work cross-culturally and effectively in a remote setting, as well as establishing a strong corporate culture which includes the best values from India and Sweden. We also made sure to have Swedish people on site to help our customers with communication on the projects.

It was a bit slow in the beginning, but after landing our first customers, and being more successful in our deliveries than the perceived norm, we realised that we had the right approach and after a while it started to take off. Today we are about 75 people in total. 10 in Sweden and the rest in Bangalore, India. It is really one of our greatest strengths that we have both Swedish and Indian employees.

What was it that attracted you to the Norce platform?

Firstly, we looked at your customer base and you have broad and reputed range of customers who use your system, so that alone is a great reference to begin with. But then we also felt that Norce commerce is very easy to work with. You have put a lot of effort into making it simple and easy to use, both for those who build things in Norce commerce, and for the end customers. The flexibility with headless and scalability also appeals to us. Everything is in the cloud and open APIs if you only want to use selected parts. It's that simplicity and flexibility that appeals to us so much.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for joint customers?

We understand the needs of our customers and we have skilled developers. But we can get to the end result faster through our partnership with you. Together we can provide customers with a very modern, fast and flexible solution. The partnership makes it easy for us to make it easy for our customers.

We are very much looking forward to offering customers the benefits of our partnership!

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