API First and Headless

Your Digital Commerce must have the Ability to be as Unique as Your Customer Journey

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Future-proof

Norce - A cloud and API-based solution for digital commerce

For over a decade now, we have helped a number of the largest Nordic e-commerce companies build leading e-commerce solutions!
Our solid experience in large-scale commerce means that we understand the importance of being agile and flexible; in order to reap all the benefits of digitalization.

With Norce, you get the freedom to choose from the best third-party services on the market. With total flexibility in constructing the optimal customer experience, in all your channels; you can continue to innovate all your customer contact points, without disturbing the core of your e-commerce solution.

Headless / API first Commerce

Integrate everything with an API-First strategy

API-first means that all services are fully API-driven. Norce Commerce is built for a world that is interconnected by APIs; which means, all functionality in our services is constructed with API top-of-mind.

A prerequisite for being able to connect external services in an efficient and flexible way is that our APIs are logically-structured, well-documented, and public. This makes our APIs “best friends” of developers; since APIs make systems easy to work with, and shorten development time.

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”, and refers to a set of implementation rules that allow applications to communicate and interact with each other.

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Best of breed

New SaaS services continually emerge that can improve your e-commerce solution; and offer exciting opportunities for sales growth, and increased profitability.
With our API-first strategy, you can choose the services on the market that are best suited to create your unique solution. Hand-pick components; as new solution needs, initiatives, and business requirements arise. Some systems may need to be updated, or replaced, more often than other components of your platform. We develop, service, and support the APIs needed for superior flexibility.

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Headless - An agile and future-proof strategy

Headless means that the e-commerce logic and business processes are detached from the store's presentation layer (front end).
A headless e-commerce platform is characterized by:


  • No built-in front end
  • Separate business logic and presentation
  • Flexible APIs & data models

Benefits of working headless

Freedom of choice

With a headless strategy, you are free to employ any front-end framework, and those tools you prefer. You can easily construct the customer experience you seek, without having to defer the underlying back-end structure.


An e-commerce engine has a longer lifespan, than a user interface. With headless, you have the freedom to replace, or update, your front end; at a faster pace than the rest of your IT stack. Since your front end and back end would be independent of each other; you could easily update, or change, the user interface; without affecting the core of your solution.


Your platform can always boast the latest design, and you can create the shopping experience your customers really want. 

Ready for all devices

Because front-end APIs are not locked to a specific software, headless allows you to interact with customers, through any interface. Examples: App or Voice.

Apt for integration

Headless och API-first ger dig även optimala förutsättningar att skapa nya sätt att interagera med olika programvaror och skapa kundupplevelser utan att behöva utveckla backend.


We put safety first, and offer the market's best and most modern tools for proactive safety measures. Norce also has basic security protections that ensure that we comply with full GDPR compatibility.

Benefits of API First

An e-commerce platform – built on API-first – offers many advantages, over monolithic and closed platforms; such as:

  • Smooth integration with ERP, PIM, and other systems
  • The ability to add specific features from the best-suited service providers
  • Fully-customizable front end

Digital e-commerce platforms with fully-functional, and flexible APIs will lead development and innovation forward.

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