API First and Headless

Tailormade storefront. Solid back end. Headless commerce.

Hero Norce Commerce

Norce Commerce is a completely headless commerce platform designed API-first. Headless means that the presentation layer or front-end is detached from the business logic or back-end of your ecommerce solution. API-first means that all services have full API support, which enables smooth integrations with other systems in the commerce ecosystem. As a result, you get total freedom to create a supreme customer experience in all channels while maintaining your business rules intact.


Unlimited customer experience and speed of change

A headless commerce platform has no built-in front end. This means you can craft the user interface autonomously, detached from business logic and products. You get reduced complexity, minimised risk of errors, and it allows you to focus your efforts on building the best possible customer experience to build your brand, increase conversion rates and enhance customer relationships. 

Another benefit is the total freedom when designing and building the customer experience in terms of different types of systems and technologies such as CMS, product recommendations, site search and so on.

It also allows you to add new functionality, improve the customer experience and work in an agile way without restrictions as the core processes, data structure and business-critical systems remain intact.


Going headless allows your data to seamlessly flow across various interfaces and channels — be it mobile apps, marketplaces, advertising channels, search engines, or customers and resellers — all while maintaining the same business logic.

And, not to forget, the headless approach empowers you with a commerce solution that keeps pace with the dynamic demands of a world in constant transformation, allowing you to adapt swiftly and move forward with a high speed of change.

Through the headless approach, you get total freedom to create the best customer experience in all channels.

Integrate everything with an API-first strategy

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”, and refers to a set of implementation rules that allow applications to communicate and interact with each other.

API-first means that all services have full API support. Norce Commerce is built for a world that is interconnected by APIs and all functionality in our commerce platform is constructed with API top-of-mind.

A prerequisite for being able to connect external services in an efficient and flexible way is that our APIs are logically structured, well-documented, and public. This makes our APIs “best friends” of developers; since APIs make systems easy to work with, and shorten development time.

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Benefits from the API-first headless approach

  • Separation between UX and commerce – faster front end
  • Total freedom when designing and building the UX
  • Ecommerce in many different channels – resellers, marketplaces etc.
  • Flexibility to update UX independently of commerce – lifetime differs between front end and business logic