Unified commerce

Unified commerce - a unified experience for your customer – regardless of channel


Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce makes the customer the focal point; and creates a personalized customer experience, in real time. Instead of regarding your different channels as their own individual silos that collaborate with each other, they are seen as segments of one and the same construct.


The customer must be allowed to move seamlessly between different channels along his or her purchase journey. They must be able to start a purchase in any channel, and complete it in any channel. For this to work, in practice; there’s the necessity of always having all sales channels synchronized; to guarantee that there are no discrepancies in data, between various channels. This allows communication and interaction with the customer, throughout the customer journey – regardless of what each individual customer journey looks like, or what touchpoints are included.

With Norce, you, as merchant, can create a harmonized experience for the customer journey; comprised of a number of touch points, in multiple channels.


With Unified Commerce, there is no discrepancy in data, between your various channels. Information such as prices, inventory status, or orders are always current, between channels; since the various systems interact with each other, and function as part of one and the same entity.

Functionality for consistent customer experiences

In-store terminal

Use in-store terminals, so that customers can easily order from webshop warehouses. Customers can order from a broader product range, home-delivered; and the sales transactions are accredited to the stores.

Dynamic Store finder

Make it easy for your customers to locate the store nearest to them, and get directions for how to get here.

Status of store inventory

Give your customers the ability to check a product’s inventory status, for each store, directly on the product page.

Click and Collect

Place your home delivery order online; or reserve and pick up your order, at
a store near you.

My pages

Let the customer access their order history, the current status of placed orders, and an overview of their membership points balance.

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