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Let Norman explain how we approach security at Norce


At Norce, security is a key pillar in everything from infrastructure and product development to processes and customer interaction. That’s why we have embraced proactive secure-by-design principles that integrate security as a fundamental element during the development process and throughout the software development lifecycle. We have also chosen to virtualise server operations in Microsoft Azure. This means you never have to worry about scaling whether it comes to rolling out large campaigns or resilience of overload attacks. With our True SaaS platform for digital commerce, you get a scalable and stable operating environment.

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Proactive security work

We don't wait for an incident to happen or errors to occur, but work proactively before any line of code is written. In the design phase, threat modeling and threat analysis according to industry-standards are used to detect problems in network-, software-, or access design. Extra consideration is given to data isolation and access restriction from a zero-trust principle. We work with a dedicated security team at Microsoft to make infrastructure design choices and implementations following a zero-trust design principle. And we review and seek feedback to be extra proactive even if we are experts on technology.

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Security through scalable infrastructure

Instead of relying on our own server operations with a private cloud supplier or a fixed setup, we have chosen to virtualise our infrastructure in Azure. This means that we can automatically scale based on workload since the system scales itself. Through virtualisation, there is virtually no limit in scaling up operations which makes your commerce resilient to hacker attacks and also ensures that you can roll out large campaigns with operational stability.  By choosing to virtualise our server operations in Azure, Norce is at the forefront of secure hosting.

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The real benefit of True SaaS

Norce Commerce is built from the ground up with multitenancy in focus while single-tenant options are available in our enterprise offering. This means your workload coexists with everyone else running in the same environment. If your workload suddenly doubles, it doesn’t impact the performance since our environment is well sized. Scale advantages are one of the real benefits of the True SaaS model. Needless to say, scale benefits increase with the number of tenants.

For our industry, we have a highly advanced but not particularly complex yet very powerful operation.

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A sustainable choice

In our commitment to contribute to climate work we have chosen Microsoft Azure because of Microsoft's enormous investment in climate-smart operations and sustainable operational solutions and their active climate work. The data centers are powered by renewable electricity and waste heat is utilised through district heating systems. Through virtualisation which automatically scales the system up and down, we save energy. An example of this is optimising performance by using only necessary resources at any given time and thereby minimise the  carbon footprint. It can differ by 300–400% in how much resources are needed over the day.