Advanced ecommerce engine for reseller and distributor

Choose an advanced ecommerce engine for handling large assortments, stock levels and speed of change
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Lower your risk and increase speed of change with modern ecommerce

Norce Commerce provides resellers and distributors with tools to handle large and fast-moving assortments no matter their size or complexity. It enables automated handling of product content and integrations with ease. And it allows you to work with large assortments without keeping everything in stock. Embrace a rapidly changing world of innovation and experimentation with our composable, API-first, and True SaaS ecommerce engine.

Take control of large and fast-moving assortments with minimal effort

For many resellers and distributors, it’s a challenge to handle large and fast-moving assortments from many different suppliers. Maintaining product content and product relations is growing into a heavy workload. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 
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With a lot of functionality for automating processes Norce Commerce:

  • is built to handle large assortments from many different suppliers
  • simplifies enrichment of product content and creation of product relations
  • can be integrated with your suppliers to receive continuous updates on stock levels, price changes and product information
  • supports advanced and rule-based product relations
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Stay competitive with automated pricing (1)

Stay competitive with automated pricing

Many resellers sell the same products to price-sensitive buyers which demand automated, competitive pricing. With Norce Commerce you can trust to always be priced correctly and to stay just enough competitive.
Prices can be calculated automatically based on purchase prices with specified margins
Norce Commerce has the functionality to calculate prices based on your competitors' prices and your purchase prices. All you have to do is specify your desired position compared to your competitors and your desired margins.
Norce Commerce supports integration with competitor price information and your suppliers to receive continuous updates on price changes

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Minimise the risk and reduce stock levels

Keeping stock is capital intensive and provides a value risk. Norce Commerce enables integration with suppliers to get up-to-date stock balances and prices, which means you can sell products you don't have in stock but that you know are in the supplier's stock, and base price and delivery promise on that data.

Norce Commerce enables:

  • integration with suppliers to receive continuous updates on stock levels, prices, and delivery times
  • accessibility on multiple warehouses with mutual relations and hierarchical structure with varying lead times
  • support for managing own warehouses, store warehouses, supplier warehouses, and retail warehouses