Composable Commerce

Accelerate your digital business. Invest in composable commerce

Norce Commerce has a collection of business capabilities that solve unique business needs. We offer unlimited opportunities and unmatched flexibility with future-proof composable commerce.

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Composable Commerce. For a world in constant transformation.

Composable commerce enables agility and flexibility to meet new business needs. By using modular business capabilities, you will be able to accelerate your digital transformation. Unlock unlimited opportunities with Norce Commerce.

Accelerating Digital Commerce

Norce Commerce consists of a collection of business capabilities in an open architecture. We develop API-first, which means you can easily fit our business capabilities into your digital commerce ecosystem. It also allows you to freely integrate with other systems or services. Some of our business capabilities are packaged and sold separately, such as Norce PIM, Norce Pricing and Norce Checkout. This modular approach to commerce where each module solves a unique business need will give you unmatched flexibility and allow you to be agile.
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Based on a modular cloud-native architecture

Composable Commerce is a development strategy and industry term being used and highlighted by, among others, Gartner Group. It takes advantage of a modular, cloud-native architecture (MACH). 

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