Composable Commerce

Composable Commerce - for a world in constant transformation

A future-proof digital commerce experience that solves unique business needs and provides a unified customer journey. 


A unified end-to-end customer journey

A composable commerce solution enables you to shape the ultimate customer journey. When all sales channels are synchronized in real time, a purchase can start in any channel and end in any other. Composable enables you to integrate with a wider customer journey and gives you the freedom to optimize the customer experience and convert more sales. 

Based on a modular cloud-native architecture

Composable commerce is a development strategy and industry term based on a modular, cloud-native architecture (MACH) with packaged business capabilities (PBC) that enables you to adapt to changes in the market dynamics with speed. By only using and developing the exact functions you need, the entire solution works better as a whole. 

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The principles behind MACH architecture

MACH stands for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.


Microservices-based means that the functionality is divided into separate consumable parts that are divided into business value or business process.


API-first is a concept using standardised communication between different applications, enabling fast integration of services. It is a prerequisite for being able to replace or add future services without having to rebuild the entire solution.


Cloud-native means that the service is a genuine cloud service that all customers share in terms of code, enabling automatic scaling of performance and capacity and continuous updates in real time, making the solution future-proof. We call this True SaaS.


Headless separates the business logic from the presentation layer and enables faster development and supports seamless communication in all channels. This means you can freely choose user interface and build omnichannel solutions in a sustainable and future-proof way with the customer experience in focus.

API-first - Cloud-native - Headless

Using packaged business capabilities to meet changing business needs

PBC stands for Packaged Business Capabilities. This means modular packaged business capabilities (PBCs) are used to achieve agility and flexibility in delivering experiences. Each module solves a unique need, for example check-out, and can include several micro services such as payment, shipping, and order management for each market. It can be reconfigured or replaced with another capability that better meets the requirements. This will give you the flexibility and agility to meet changing business needs.

Composable Commerce

Why Composable Commerce?

Here are four good reasons

  • True SaaS i.e., scalable, accessible, and always on latest version
    With a True SaaS-platform (Software as a Service) built on best-of-breed you can scale your business and trust that your software always runs on the latest version.
  • Speed of change
    With a composable solution only using and developing the exact functions you need; changes can be deployed faster and more securely, and the entire solution works better as a whole.
  • Full freedom to optimize customer experience
    A composable commerce solution enables you to integrate with a wider customer journey and gives you the freedom to optimize the customer experience.
  • Attractive running cost
    Since the solution consists of well-defined services, it will be easier to develop and the running cost of the solution and technology behind will be lower.

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