Norce Pricing

A powerful pricing engine for the right price at the right time

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Setting the right price on a product is the heart and soul of ecommerce.

Norce Pricing automatically calculates your prices based on a number of factors such as: customer, margin, unit cost, volume or why not base it on your fiercest competitors’ prices? 
Norce Commerce has an advanced versatile pricing engine with the following functionality:
  • automated competitor pricing (B2C)
  • automated pricing based on purchase prices and desired margin (B2B / B2C)
  • customer-unique pricing (B2B)
  • target group discounts (B2C)
  • customer discount structures (B2B)
  • volume-based pricing (usually B2B)
  • temporary price campaigns (B2C)
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Automated competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing can automatically optimise your prices based on what your competitors currently charge. By comparing each product in your range with those of your competitors, you can become competitive and increase your sales.

  • Base your prices on the current offerings of competitors who sell the same products as you
  • Allows you to decide if you should have the lowest price among your competitors or be slightly more expensive to defend your margins
  • Set a minimum margin to ensure you always sell with profit

Increased sales

Increased sales and improved margins through smarter price positioning.

Reduced overhead

Reduced overhead associated with monitoring competitors and updating prices.

Increased margins

Increased margins through automatic price increases in the event of few or no competitors.

Increased control

Increased control of the competitive landscape and continuous pricing strategy optimisation.

Automated pricing

Norce Pricing gives you the opportunity to automate your pricing. New prices are calculated continuously based on purchase prices and your desired margin.

  • makes it possible to automatic updated prices based on purchase price
  • minimises the amount of manual effort required to monitor and update prices

Customer unique pricing

In Norce Pricing, you can quickly and easily set up unique business rules or integrate them from existing systems. This means there is smart functionality for managing different prices for different customers in an easy way. The pricing engine allows you to work with a vast number of price lists and pricing methods to be able to customise your B2B commerce offering.

Target group discounts

Membership discounts and premium customers are important strategies for attracting and retaining your customers. They help businesses by boosting sales and loyalty, and they benefit consumers by offering better deals and improving the overall shopping experience. Norce Pricing lets you handle target group-specific prices and discount structures with ease.

Customer discount structures

Company discounts are of significant importance to B2B customers, and they can be a key factor in maintaining profitable and long-term business relationships. With Norce Commerce pricing is flexible and easy to customise to each customer’s unique requirements.

Volume-based pricing

Quantity discounts play a significant role to increase sales, encourage customers to make larger purchases and reward customer loyalty. Norce Pricing provides great support for quantity discounts in both B2B and B2C sales and can also be customer unique.

Temporary price campaigns

Flash sales are a powerful marketing strategy in ecommerce and involve offering discounted prices for a limited time, such as a few hours or days. Norce Commerce’s advanced pricing engine lets you easily handle large and complex campaigns, such as a price reduction during Black Week with a large and varied assortment.


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