Norce Pricing

Profitable Growth through Dynamic Pricing

Increase Your Competitiveness by being Properly Priced at All Times. 


Price-Positioning Should be Simple

Price is an important competitive factor online, by means of the inherent transparency provided; through the ability to easily compare prices.

New demands are placed on speed and flexibility, when working with pricing and marketing campaigns. Manually monitoring and positioning all product prices is both resource-intensive, and complicated; especially when dealing with sizable inventories.

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Automated Competitor Monitoring

Competitive Pricing is a tool for automatic competitor monitoring that helps your company optimize prices; based on current market trends, and competition.

You can easily follow what your competitors are doing; to increase your understanding of your competitive situation, and adapt your pricing strategy. By comparing each item in your product range with the competition, you’re given effective control over your pricing strategy; which can allow you to secure your product margins.

  • Assembles prices from selected competitors, and matches them to the products in your own range
  • Gives you the ability to analyze your competitive position, on an ongoing basis, and adapt your pricing strategy accordingly 
  • Optimizes margins, in relation to prevailing competition
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Automated Pricing

The product Norce Pricing facilitates automated pricing; for quick adjustments, due to market change.Once you have chosen how you want to position yourself, in relation to your competitors, your price position is fixed; by means of Norce pricing.

New prices are calculated on an ongoing basis; based on your defined pricing strategy, and uploaded competitor data. The prices can then be uploaded onto your systems, and updated automatically on your website. Norce Pricing fixes your minimum profit margin; and works, unabatedly, to achieve your target margin.

  • Makes it possible to quickly adjust prices, in the event of changes in the market
  • Creates a basis for automatic updating of prices, on your website
  • Minimizes manual monitoring and price updates

Norce Pricing

Increased sales

Increased sales and improved margins; through smarter pricing

Reduced overhead

Reduced overhead for competitor monitoring and price updates.

Increased profit margins

Increased profit margins, through automatic price increases; in the event of low or non-existent competition.

Increased control

Increased control over the competitive process of continuous price strategy optimization.

Since we have a strategy of using vendors' inventory as our extended inventory, we need to integrate their inventory logic with our service. We haven’t seen the possibility of doing this on any other platform. If you have a Long Tail strategy, Norce can certainly be recommended.

Anton Malmberg Founder & Vice President, Kitchentime