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Accelerating digital commerce with trusted technology

  • For scalability: True SaaS
  • For flexibility: Headless
  • For integration: API First

Norce - A cloud and API-based service for digital commerce

Norce Commerce is a composition of modular and cloud-based components that together forms a powerful engine for digital commerce. Norce Commerce allows you to take control and create outstanding customer experience regardless of channel.


Grow Without Compromise

Norce Commerce is a collection of advanced tools for building large-scale and modern e-commerce solutions and is well-suited for a complex world. The flexibility and scalability give your company the ability to start small, and then leaves plenty of room for growth; regardless of whether you expand to several countries, add more brands, or expand your product range.

  • Supports unlimited growth, and international expansion
  • Can easily facilitate multiple brands, markets, languages, and currencies
  • Enables effective product range expansion, and Long Tail strategizing

Automate More

Norce Commerce is one of the market's most advanced e-commerce solutions that helps streamline and automate relevant business processes.

The result: Better performance, smarter workflows, and increased profitability! The platform has extensive functionality for applying business rules to your product catalog, pricing, order management, and purchasing.

  • Automates business processes for increased control, productivity, and performance
  • Minimizes manual tasks
  • Contributes to administrative savings, and increased profitability


Manage Product Information as a Strategic Asset

Norce has a PIM specially adapted for e-commerce. Simplify and improve your customer experience, by administering and enriching the product information; in all sales channels.

  • Streamlines and automates manual functions
  • Automated process for managing content language translations
  • Increases and ensures the quality of product information
  • Manages large and fast-growing product ranges, effortlessly
  • Rapid updates, in all channels
  • Optimizes the customer experience, by creating consistency

Fast and Flexible Implementation

With Norce Commerce, you can get “up-and-running” quickly; and work in a modern interface, with advanced functionality for digital commerce.

There’s an abundance of ready-made functionality, so you can begin your project, without any delay. Oftentimes, there’s a ready-made solution for something that you might think needs to be built from the ground up. This prospect creates a true sense of security, in regards to the implementation of a project.
  • Can be implemented quickly, with short time-to-market
  • Offers a large number of ready-made modules and functionalities
  • Speeds up your project, by having many ready-made integrations, with external systems and services
  • Can be easily augmented, by custom integrations with internal systems and business partners

Cost-Effective and Secure Operation

Norce Commerce is a scalable cloud service (SaaS), with industry-proven high capacity, ready-access, and performance. With our dynamic licensing model, you get a cost-effective operating solution.
  • High accessibility that customers can trust
  • Complete infrastructure, maintenance, hardware, bandwidth, and monitoring
  • Continuous, automated upgrades

Norce Commerce Engine with powerful features


Well-defined structure for managing multiple markets and brands; with site-specific configurations


An advanced framework for pricing, discounts, and campaigns; as well as, logic for how these elements should be applied


A hub for your most important integrations that also structures data flows between Norce and external systems, such as: your ERP business system


Checkout that supports a wide range of payment options

Successful Digital Commerce with Leading Technology


True SaaS means both scalability and access; and is a guarantee that you will always have access to the latest technology, and the latest updates - without costly engineering person-hours or downtime

Scalable Cloud Service

Norce stands for security, performance, scalability, and modern infrastructure. All data is stored in Microsoft Azure; and you can add new channels, brands, and markets – at any time


Norce is headless. This gives you the ability to create a front-end experience where design and functionality are completely adapted to your specific needs and wishes

API-first and Best of Breed

Norce builds, maintains, and supports those central APIs needed to run successful
e-commerce. It simplifies the construction of e-commerce solutions that are integrated with the market's leading tools for digital commerce

New business opportunities with Norce

Unified Commerce

With Norce, you are specifically afforded those technically-conducive conditions for managing multiple markets, brands, languages, and currencies. With Norce, you can “take control”, and create a maximum customer experience; regardless of channel.

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Online first retail

With Norce, you can easily manage a comprehensive product range and system-linked vendors. A complex logistics model – with drop-shipping from the vendor’s warehouse, or from its own store network – can also be managed from the platform.

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Digitalize your brand

With Norce Commerce, you have a complete solution for brands that you may want to expand quickly into several markets; and which might need reseller and omnichannel support.

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Advanced B2B

With Norce's well-developed product proffer, for B2B; mature resellers and manufacturing B2B players can take the next step, in their digitalization journey.

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Transform B2B Commerce

With Norce, B2B companies that are in the beginning stages of digitalization can utilize the strength of SaaS, together with well-packaged "storefronts", to quickly establish a scalable solution.

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Digitize your Product Information

With Norce, you can take the first important step in structuring your product data. Norce PIM enables a seamless transition; from PIM, to a complete e-commerce solution, and can, subsequently, be an intermediate goal, along your digitalization journey.

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Commerce engine

Since we have a strategy of using vendors' inventory as our extended inventory, we need to integrate their inventory logic with our service. We haven’t seen the possibility of doing this on any other platform. If you have a Long Tail strategy, Norce can certainly be recommended.

Anton Malmberg Founder & Vice President, Kitchentime