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Greater Digital Commerce

Norce Commerce is a cutting-edge commerce engine with impressive functionality and modern APIs. We meet the most advanced needs when you want to accelerate your digital commerce through superior business capabilities and flexibility.

Large assortments & complex product structures

Powerful B2B functionality

Advanced pricing, availability and campaign logic

Composable. Headless. True SaaS.

Norce Commerce is built with a composable architecture to fit perfectly into your system landscape. Thanks to our API’s it’s easy to integrate with all the other services that are needed in a modern setup. We have chosen to separate these other services into five different areas: 

Customer Experience

Our headless approach lets you integrate with any tech for a great customer experience, allowing the freedom to select any CMS, personalisation or search service you need. 


Norce Commerce lets you share your product data and prices with resellers, marketplaces, and advertising channels. 

Payment, Shipping & Returns

Important aspects like payment, shipping and returns are covered, including built-in features and adapters for leading market players. You can also integrate other services if needed. 


One of the most crucial areas of data exchange is in relation to existing operational systems like ERP, WMS and POS. Norce Commerce have API's to effectively manage data for products, prices and customers that ensures seamless integration.

Sources & Applications

You can of course also integrate with other sources and applications such as supplier's (assortments, prices and stock levels), standardised product content, AI- or user generated content and CRM-systems to mention a few.

Digital commerce is always evolving, and Norce Commerce is built to flexibly fit into this changing landscape

Norce Commerce comes with great functionality and has a number of outstanding business capabilities such as an integrated PIM system, an advanced pricing engine and a flexible checkout. It comes with powerful promotion- and delivery frameworks, clever structures to handle multiple markets and brands as well as smart functionality for customer and order management. Through the API-based headless approach, you get total freedom to create the best customer experience in all channels, such as your own website or external marketplaces.

Functional highlights

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Integrated PIM supporting complex product models

Norce PIM is built to handle large and fast-moving assortments with a high degree of automation and supports advanced product structures, including variants, bundles, and relations.

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Powerful B2B functionality

Awesome features for all sorts of B2B companies – whether you’re a reseller, distributor, or manufacturer. Imagine having customer-unique assortments and pricing, plus customer-unique shipping methods and payment terms. If you deal with quantity-based pricing or want to offer customer-unique discounts we’ve got you covered. And if you have an in-house sales team or customer service who place orders on behalf of your customers, we have the tools you need. We even offer support for attestation to simplify advanced purchasing processes.

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Advanced pricing functionality

Norce Pricing can automatically calculate sales prices based on purchase prices allowing you to maintain your margins in volatile markets. Another way is to position your sales prices based on your competitor’s prices. Of course, you can also create customer-unique prices and assortments for both B2B and B2C customers. Easy to administer large and complex campaigns, such as a price reduction during Black Week with a large and varied assortment.

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Clever multi-market & multi-brand structure

Easy to expand to new markets. Each market can have its unique set of languages, currencies, shipping options and payment methods. And best of all, you can control which markets should have which assortments and of course different prices on different markets. The same logic applies when you have ecommerce under several different brands. You can control assortment, prices, shipping options and payment methods per website (brand).

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Powerful promotion framework

Advanced functionality to be creative with promotions, such as complex requirements for what the shopping cart must contain for promotions to kick in. The requirements can be nearly as complex as programming with few limitations in how to create promotions.


Flexible checkout

Open, flexible, and modern checkout system with a number of ready-made adapters for the most common shipping and payment methods. Another option is to create new integrations for unique shipping and payment methods. There are very few limitations.


Powerful delivery framework

Advanced delivery framework included, with the possibility to set unique shipping methods per customer, market, and supplier based on the calculated weight. It also supports seamless integration with third-party shipping providers.


Omnichannel and internal sales features

Order online – pick up in a physical store. Buy online in the physical store via cash register or kiosks and choose between store pick up or home delivery. Norce Commerce is prepared to be a vital part of an omnichannel ecosystem and allows you to have the same business rules in all channels, such as the web, apps, physical stores and via in-store sales associates.

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Modern and user-friendly interface

Easy-to-use administration tool with an intuitive user interface and modern design for those who manage product content, product relations, campaigns, pricing and ecommerce logic on a daily basis.