Norce PIM

Best in class PIM ready for commerce

Norce PIM is designed to meet all requirements to handle product information in your ecommerce but can be used for so much more. Our powerful PIM lets you take control of complex product models and gives everyone easy access to one single source of up-to-date information.
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Norce Commerce has an advanced PIM specifically adapted for ecommerce with the following functionality:

  • easy-to-use interface with smooth handling of large- and fast-moving customer-unique assortments
  • supports complex product structures and automated, rule-based, product relations
  • full language support including multiple languages within the same market
  • possibility to integrate master data from other systems and your suppliers
  • convenient distribution of product content to any desired recipient

A powerful PIM supporting complex product models

In Norce PIM (Product Information Management system), you can collect, structure and enrich all product information, from texts, images and specifications, to videos and PDF documents. Attributes can be described using different types and units of measurement. In addition, the products can be structured according to your needs in many different ways, with the help of a variety of functions, such as categories, variants, flags and bundles to name a few.

You and your team can work seamlessly via a modern web-based user interface. It is possible to automatically import information from other systems such as ERP and PLM. The data may also come from external sources such as your suppliers or other external data sources.

The structured and enriched product information can then be used for many different purposes in several different channels. One of the most obvious uses is to display the product information on your website, or mobile app. Other examples are: providing search engines, marketplaces, and resellers with regular exports.

Feature highlights


Open product model

Your business is as unique as the products you sell, and the open product model allows you to customize them to your preference. Variants of products can be used to group similar products, and this can be done using any attribute and in as many dimensions as needed. 

To build trust for your customers it’s important to describe your products in as much detail as possible. By using attributes such as lists, numbers, dates and text with the correct unit of measurement you allow customers to filter and compare different products. This in combination with flags gives you full control to visualise and categorise your products such as new arrivals or popular products.


Product relations

Displaying related products on a product page gives you multiple opportunities to give your customers as much information as possible as well as increase sales. Related products can be used for the traditional cross-sell/upsell as well as showing what products are a part of a particular product line or to guide your customer to the correct spare parts.

It’s possible to create multiple product relation types and map variants as one-to-many or many-to-one. To make sure new products always get the correct related products assigned, it’s possible to create rules to automatically establish relationships between products. 

Another way to go is to create bundles of products to give your customers a better price when buying two or more products together. With the bundle functionality in Norce Commerce we ensure that your bundles always has the correct price and stock levels.

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Media content

Images, videos and files play an important role in giving your customers as much information as possible about your products. Our open model for media content, allows you to structure and present images and files adjusted to your needs.

By placing files and images in different categories you can for example always present some general images at the top of a page, some close-ups further down, and at the bottom display detailed illustrations and instructions to simplify for example maintenance.

Text och översättning

Text and translations

Norce Commerce comes prepared to go international! Each market can have its own set of languages and currencies, allowing for example to build a global brand site to cater for your international customers. 

All product data can be translated intuitively side-by-side or why not get a helping hand by using our built-in integration to Google Translate. If you work with translation agencies we have dedicated APIs that can be used to build seamless integration workflows.

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Supplier integrations

If you are a reseller, Norce Commerce can be integrated with your suppliers to simplify your product workflow. Depending on what your suppliers can offer in terms of data, Norce can be configured to automatically create products depending on certain criteria once they become available at the supplier.

In addition, you can transfer your prices directly from the supplier to ensure you are always up to date, and you can set the stock levels of the suppliers to be shown on your website to inform your customers of expected delivery times.

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Pricing and availability

The beauty of Norce PIM is that it is sprung out of ecommerce, so once you’re ready to start selling online you already have the foundation allowing you to hit the ground running. Since all your products are already there, you can simply enable the buying process by adding a checkout, and since Norce also has functionality for carts, shipping and payment, your implementation time will be much faster then having to start with a whole new project.

PIM - Functional highlights - Avancerade varianter

Advanced variant structures

One success factor for companies with a larger product range is to be able to present products without the store becoming cluttered and unmanageable. This is often managed through variant handling.

In Norce PIM, you can create your own variant groups to fit a particular category. For jackets, it can be colour and size. With our multidimensional variant management, you can combine up to five attributes in one variant group. 

The variants can be described with common descriptions, images and specifications, but it is also possible to have specific images and specifications for each variant.

By grouping variants of the same article, the number of search hits and listings can be significantly reduced, which leads to better clarity and an improved overview.

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Full language support

Norce PIM has been designed to support multiple languages and markets. It has a hierarchical structure with a primary language and underlying language versions.

In this way, all products can be described with the texts in a primary language, for example, English; which is then used if there is no local language version available, for example, Swedish translation.

This feature is especially important when working with large assortments and integrated external content providers who have not always localised all of their content.

Seamless transition to commerce

With Norce PIM, you can go seamlessly from a PIM project to ecommerce. It enables you to manage and display prices, stock balances and delivery methods, something most other PIM systems on the market lack.

This means you can prepare for most parts before you launch your ecommerce and let your customers place orders. In addition to saving both time and money, Norce PIM allows you to carry out the digitalisation at exactly the pace you want.