By Omniarch: The future of Unified Commerce

We asked Pelle Pettersson from thought leader Omniarch about Unified Commerce today and also in the future.

First and foremost; the customer. Everything we do today and in the future has to consider the customer's needs and wants. That has to be our core reason to be. On top of that one can invest in the infrastructure needed to provide a unified commerce experience, building on insights from the omni channel approach.

Discussions about and arguments for Unified Commerce do, as I see it, good in learning from the present and at the same time having the courage to look beyond retail as we know it.

Unified Commerce - OmniarchWe have come a long way since the dotcom era and recently the pandemic fuelled a growth in tech that enhanced our ability to connect with customers.

As we circle back to what in many ways look like the pre-pandemic days, we have taken giant leaps in both tech and in our collective understanding of what customers want.

Moving forward I think that Unified Commerce is one of several ways to meet predictions on how we’ll see a deeper connection in the store-ecommerce relationship. But from my perspective it is also equally important to look at what's right in front of us.

The pandemic offered growth opportunities for all segments of the market, and within each segment the players that had already begun the digitalization of ways to market and sell goods and services, gained more in terms of real money even though newcomers gained more from a percentage point of view. So, it's important to have a firm grasp on where you are today and what you aim to achieve in the future.

Is Unified Commerce the future? No. It’s already here with several services already offering the technical systems necessary to create a free-flowing pool of data to, from and within all connected systems. The challenge that we see has more to do with a need to educate management and show them the reality before they experience it themselves in the future.

Unified Commerce -PellePelle Pettersson, CEO Omniarch

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