Creating positive shopping experiences. Everytime. Everywhere.

– with a Unified Commerce Platform anchored by POS

Imagine a customer walks into your store… they find the item they’ve been yearning for and decide to try it on. It looks great but they want it in a different colour, green perhaps? They look hopefully towards your store associates for help. Your store associates want to help but, without the right information on hand and no way to sell stock available in other channels, they know they can’t provide a great customer experience. Your associate is deflated, the customer leaves the store disappointed, and you’ve missed a sale. 

It shouldn’t be like this: your customers should always leave your stores happy, and you should never miss a sale. 

Your physical stores are a central part of Unified Commerce, and your store associates are the soul of your brand experience. When you give your store associates the right tools, not only will they have all the information they’ll ever need at their fingertips, but they’ll also be able to sell from any available stock no matter where it is. 

When you use a Unified Commerce Platform anchored by POS all the unified data and functionality your associates need, become available through the Point of Sale.

The platform connects all your stores and online sales channels in real time. And with the same data everywhere it’s much easier to enable unified commerce functionalities like Endless Aisle, Click & Collect, visualized in-store stock levels online, and more. Plus, you can use your stores as fulfilment centres for orders placed online. 

At the end of the day - it’s simple - your customers want to know what’s available. They want to start shopping online and finish in store or vice versa, and if needed make online returns in store. 

“Empowering your store associates with a mobile-first POS and a Unified Commerce Platform is the perfect way to stand out from your competition, make retail operations more cost efficient, build customer loyalty to generate long-term sales and make sure everyone goes home happy.” 

Jens Levin, CEO Sitoo

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