New Go-Live Alert: Elcykelpunkten is Live on Norce

We are thrilled to announce that Elcykelpunkten, one of Sweden’s premier electric bike retailers, is now live on the Norce! Since their inception in 2018, Elcykelpunkten has been dedicated to providing top-quality electric bikes and a seamless shopping experience to their customers. With nine physical stores across Sweden and a robust online presence, they are now ready to take their e-commerce game to the next level, and we are honored to be part of this exciting journey!

A New Era in E-Commerce

Elcykelpunkten’s latest move marks a significant milestone in their growth and commitment to customer satisfaction. This new platform launch is designed to enhance their customers' online shopping experience, ensuring smoother navigation, faster load times, and a more personalized shopping journey.

Partnersense: Our Valued Collaborators

A big shoutout goes to our incredible partner, Partnersense, for their expertise and dedication. Partnersense has been instrumental in collaborating with Elcykelpunkten to elevate their online shopping experience. Their deep understanding of e-commerce and commitment to excellence have made this transition seamless and efficient.

Elcykelpunkten B2C went live on Black Friday, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for their online store. This launch is particularly special as it is the first implementation of Voyado Elevate with Norce, facilitated by Partnersense. The CMS driving this innovation is Contentful, which ensures a flexible and scalable content management system to support Elcykelpunkten’s growing needs.

What This Means for Customers

With this new platform, Elcykelpunkten customers can expect:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Faster, more intuitive navigation, and a cleaner, more engaging interface.
  • Personalization: Tailored recommendations and content that cater to individual preferences and shopping habits.
  • Seamless Integration: A cohesive experience across both online and offline stores, making shopping more convenient than ever.

We are excited about the future and the opportunities this new platform will bring to Elcykelpunkten and their customers. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue to support Elcykelpunkten in their mission to provide the best electric bikes and customer service in Sweden.

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