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Nordiska Galleriet Launches Innovative E-Commerce Platform Powered by Norce

For over a century, Nordiska Galleriet has been synonymous with top-tier interior design, offering a stunning range of modern furniture, lighting, and decor that can elevate any space. With a keen eye for quality and a deep appreciation for design, Nordiska Galleriet has established itself as the ultimate destination for those looking to bring a touch of elegance to their homes.

Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect gift or diving into a home renovation project, Nordiska Galleriet's unmatched expertise is here to guide you. And now, they're making your shopping experience even better with the launch of their new cutting-edge e-commerce platform.

Welcome to a New Era of Online Shopping

Nordiska Galleriet’s new platform is powered by Norce, our powerful commerce solutions and advanced Product Information Management (PIM) system have been key in creating a seamless, flexible platform. This innovative approach, built on an API-first architecture, enhances the user experience and boosts productivity for Nordiska Galleriet's e-commerce.

"The combination of Norce's strong commerce platform together with their competent PIM system was the key that made our composable platform possible. Thanks to the API-first architecture and the unified user experience for our e-commerce and PIM team, we can offer our customers a great shopping experience while also improving productivity."
Rickard Liljeros, Chief Product Officer, Nordiska Galleriet Group

Expanding in Europe

This winter marked the official launch of Nordiska Galleriet's EU website, www.no-ga.com, extending their premium offerings to customers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain, alongside their established presence in the Nordic countries. This expansion is a significant step in Nordiska Galleriet's mission to bring world-class design to a broader audience.

Re-Launch of the Swedish Website

In addition to the new EU website, Nordiska Galleriet has re-launched their Swedish website, www.nordiskagalleriet.se. This re-launch is powered by their own OrderOne platform, a composable commerce solution that leverages technology partnerships with Norce, Voyado, Contentful, and more, ensuring a premium and cohesive online shopping journey. The launch of this new e-commerce platform marks a significant milestone, setting a new standard for online shopping in the world of interior design.

Visit www.no-ga.com or www.nordiskagalleriet.se today to experience the future of online shopping and discover how Nordiska Galleriet can help you elevate your living space with the finest in modern design.

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