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Norce x SESSION.MAP: Elevating the Salon Professional Experience

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to SESSION.MAP, the premier choice for salon professionals since 2009. Over the years, SESSION.MAP has cemented its reputation as the go-to hub for top-quality salon products, offering a meticulously curated selection of premium brands like Kevin Murphy, Color Me, K18, Living proof, and many more. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a burgeoning salon owner, SESSION.MAP has everything you need to elevate your craft. 💇‍♀️💇‍♂️

In collaboration with our friends at IVEO, SESSION.MAP is embarking on an innovative journey to implement a cutting-edge Product Information Management (PIM) and e-commerce platform. This new platform is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of their B2B clients, ensuring that every interaction is smooth, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of salon professionals.

The partnership with IVEO marks a new chapter for SESSION.MAP, one where technology and tradition blend to create an unparalleled service experience. This advanced PIM and e-commerce solution will streamline operations, enhance product accessibility, and provide a more intuitive shopping experience for all their customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as SESSION.MAP continues to revolutionize the way salon professionals shop for their favorite products. Welcome aboard to a future of innovation, efficiency, and excellence with SESSION.MAP!

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