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Tress: Now powered by Norce

Tress, a leading provider of sports and play equipment, is now live on the Norce platform! With a diverse and high-quality range of products, Tress is the go-to brand for playgrounds, sports fields, schools, and clubs. They are dedicated to create environments that foster movement, joy, community, and good health, making it easier than ever to find the perfect equipment for any setting.

Discover the World of Tress

Tress offers two distinct channels to meet all your sports and play needs:

  • Tress Sport och Lek: Explore the extensive selection of equipment designed for sports and play at Tress Sport och Lek. Whether you're looking for basketball hoops, soccer goals, swings, or climbing frames, Tress has everything you need to create engaging and active environments.
  • Tress Utemiljö: For a wide range of outdoor environment equipment, visit Tress Utemiljö. This channel offers solutions that enhance outdoor spaces, making them perfect for both play and sports activities.

Our Partnership with Tress

We are excited to be part of Tress's new e-commerce journey. The project, developed in collaboration with our brilliant partner Exsitec, leverages the powerful Norce platform to deliver an outstanding shopping experience. This new e-commerce solution is designed to cater to both B2C and B2B markets, with a strong focus on campaigns, promotions, advanced pricing, and multi-market capabilities.

Key Features of the New E-commerce Solution

  • Solution Partner: Exsitec
  • E-commerce Engine and PIM: Norce
  • CMS: Umbraco
  • Project Focus: B2C and B2B, campaigns and promotions, advanced pricing, multi-market

Explore the New Tress Platform

We invite you to explore the new Tress platform to discover its brand-new features and an incredible range of sports and play equipment.

Welcome to a world of movement, joy, and community with Tress, now powered by Norce!

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