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What is Unified Commerce? Just another buzzword?

In recent years commerce has evolved tremendously. From single channel, where only one sales channel is offered; to multi-channel, where different physical and digital channels exist, side-by-side; to Omnichannel and Unified Commerce, where the different channels collaborate with each other, and offer a cohesive customer experience at all touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey.

But what exactly is the difference between Omnichannel and Unified Commerce?

Simply put, Omnichannel primarily concerns the transactional part of sales; while Unified Commerce is more focused on the shopping experience, itself. You can say Unified Commerce is Omnichannel with a focus on the overall experience from the customer's perspective.


Unified Commerce puts the customer at the centre

Unified Commerce is all about shaping a commerce ecosystem with the customer shopping experience at the centre. An ecosystem where all channels and all touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey act as a whole resulting in a personalized customer experience.

With Unified Commerce, there is no discrepancy in data between different channels. It provides the conditions to communicate and interact with the customer, throughout the customer journey; regardless of what each individual customer journey looks like, or what touchpoints that journey includes.

To really succeed, the merchant has all the relevant information regarding the customer; and all data communicating in real time.

A shopping experience without friction

With all relevant data and information in one ecosystem in real time you get an overview of the customer behaviour and insights that let you personalize communication, campaigns and recommendations based on true customer preferences and needs. You get a holistic customer view, and the customers get a shopping experience without friction.

By communicating and connecting the customer all the way to the purchase, the probability increases that the transaction actually takes place in one of the channels that you offer, instead of with a competitor. A modern unified commerce experience will increase conversion and grow your sales and customer loyalty.

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