Operations and hosting

Norce Operating Environment is Stable, Scalable, and Geographically Expandable


At Norce, you are safe

Your e-commerce platform always being accessible to your customers is of the highest priority for us. With our cloud-native solution, you avoid spending time and unnecessary funds on infrastructure development. Distributed geographically, auto-scalability, and with platform access of just over 99.9%, both our solution, and your e-commerce, are well prepared for the future!

Our operating environment is carefully put together; with accessibility and performance in absolute focus. From the ground up, the environment is built for unlimited and distributed scaling; through the use of event-based microservices.

That it’s built around the well-established cloud services of Microsoft Azure and Akamai is an absolute guarantee for both ultra-low charging times, and unsurpassed protection against DDoS attacks.

All of this means that you can be confident, and focus on your core business. We provide safe, climate-smart, and high-performance operations you can grow with.


How we operate and host

With Microsoft Azure and Akamai, we can ensure high-access operations that is near infinitely scalable and globally expandable.
Both Microsoft Azure and Akamai have data centers around the world, and by distributing operations geographically – across several data centers, as close to our merchants end customers as possible – we reduce both charging times, and waiting times, for data transfer.

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure also means that you, as one of our merchants, never have to be concerned about whether your infrastructure is robust enough to manage peaks in your business; such as: Black Week, or some unforeseen event. We constantly monitor our systems; both automatically, and manually.

With technology like Kubernetes, we can manage load balancing; track resource allocation; and, scale capacity quickly (up or down); based on your requirements –
in real time!



Actively working toward long-term sustainability and positive climate work has never been more important than now. That’s why we regard our choice of Microsoft Azure as an incredibly important piece of the puzzle; in our commitment to creating a better operations environment.

Through their work with the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund Microsoft actively contributes to the further development of better operations environments. Looking ahead, Microsoft's goal is to become climate positive by 2030.

We are proud of our collaboration with Microsoft, and we look forward to working together with them towards an even better operations environment; while continuing to deliver the market's best SaaS solution for e-commerce.