What is SaaS?



SaaS (Software as a Service) - There are many solutions to choose from, when it's time to implement an e-commerce system, or switch to a new platform. More and more companies are choosing a SaaS service for their e-commerce. It provides trouble-free ownership, and scalability.

SaaS is a software license and delivery model, where the software is licensed to the use, and distributed via the Internet. The cloud technology makes it easy to get started, plus you free up internal IT and development resources. A cloud-based e-commerce platform gives you ready-made functionality advantages, and does not require your own hardware. You also do not need to think about servers and IT infrastructure, to be able to sell goods online. The cloud service means that you buy functionality, instead of hardware.
A SaaS e-commerce service offers:
1.    Scalability
2.    Complete infrastructure: operation, hardware, bandwidth and monitoring
3.    Continuous and automatic upgrades
4.    Dynamic licensing model - based on utilization rate
An e-commerce solution that can be implemented, and its flexibly further developed, is an advantage; in today's fast-moving digital world. Storm Commerce is a SaaS-based e-commerce platform that can grow in line with your company's needs.




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