Avarda collaborates today with leading merchants such as Boozt, Bubbelroom and Cellbes. Avarda offers secure payments under the merchant's brand and the goal is for the merchant to own the customer relationship and have control over what they communicate to their customers.

Avarda offers all the popular payment methods in the Nordic regions, with the option for specially adapted solutions with wide flexibility. In collaboration with Checkout +, which we adapt to your brand and store environment, you get access to Avarda Marketing Opportunities, which offers several opportunities for additional sales and Avarda Return Optimiser, an AI tool for reduced return volumes.

The company was founded in 2015 and is part of TF Bank AB (publ) which since 2016 has been listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Avarda's model is based on putting the retailer's brand in focus and permeating the entire customer experience for increased sales and profitability.


More opportunities for sales

We help you create your own payment flow under your brand with your own communication so you have control over what your customers are exposed to after they have left your online store. Through the extended customer journey, your relationship with the customer continues and provides more opportunities for additional sales, reminding them about social media or marketing new campaigns. Everything under the new touch points when the customer is paying for their purchase.

You own the customer relationship

Avarda lets the customer be your customer! We never promote our own products or market your competitors in a third party setting. Instead, you stay in control throughout the payment journey with chances to steer customers back to your website. The communication is tailored according to your language and image in combination with your brand.

No risk for the merchant

You can feel safe - Avarda takes on the credit and fraud risk so you can focus on selling more.

Avarda Marketing Opportunities

  • New points of contact with your customers
  • Functionality for up-sales throughout the whole customer journey
  • Tailor the customer journey (for real)
  • You have full control over what's being communicated

Avarda Return Optimiser

  • AI-based tool to limit returns
  • "Soft" or "hard" blocking of unprofitable customer behaviour
  • Fewer returns mean stronger results
  • Unique tool and model on the market