Junipeer is an integration platform for Norce that synchronizes products, customers, orders and inventory balances with, for example, Fortnox, Microsoft Business Central, SAP Business One, and a growing number of ERP systems.

Junipeer connects Norce with Fortnox, and Microsoft Business Central, among others.

In their platform you will find several functions such as an administration panel where you can easily turn on and off the feeds you want to use. You can access your settings that allow you to customize the integration completely according to your needs. History and log views of events and troubleshooting are available in the interface. You also receive notifications when mandatory information is missing. The platform is built in the latest technology and with continuous improvements and best customer support, Junipeer is made to streamline and automate, thus saving time & money for e-merchants.

This is how the connection works with Norce

Junipeer connects the APIs together so you can easily:

  • Synchronize products
  • Synchronize inventory balances and prices
  • Send orders from Norce to your ERP

Junipeer can also customize the integration with more functions if special needs exist.