Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005, with the goal of making it easier to shop online. Technology has developed during the last sixteen years and changed the world around us. Our mission is as relevant now as it was then - to make payments as simple, secure and above all as smooth as possible.

Klarna is one of Europe's largest banks and provides payment solutions for over 90 million active consumers at more than 250,000 merchants in seventeen different countries.
Klarna offers direct payments, invoices and partial payment in a fast and smooth shopping experience where the consumers themselves choose when and how they want to pay.

Always with Klarna. 

  • Offer your customers flexible payment options, such as Pay later, while you always get paid directly.
  • Fewer administration costs.
  • All payment options are optimised for mobile devices.
  • A better customer experience than your competitors'.
  • Completely secure and 100% risk free - Klarna takes the entire risk.
  • Relevant and personalised presentation of local payment options no matter where you are in the world.

Klarna Checkout– Sweden's most frequently used checkout solution.

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is Sweden's most frequently used checkout solution. Klarna Checkout is designed so you can sell more and convert window shoppers into satisfied customers that will return. The solution has everything you need to be able to offer your customers the most flexible shopping experience.

100 % Risk-free.

Klarna creates a safe and secure experience for traders and customers. Klarna is responsible for the entire fraud and credit risk, so you're always protected. Klarna gives the customer full control with the Klarna app. The customer can chat with Klarna customer service around the clock, decide how they want to pay and arrange any returns.

Increase customer loyalty.

With Klarna Checkout, your customers are identified by their email address and postal address. There are no redirects or interruptions, so your customers never leave your website. A smooth shopping experience for your customers can increase conversions, customer loyalty and your average order worth.

Klarna is constantly improving the checkout experience.

We test and develop Klarna Checkout constantly. We measure and evaluate all the details in the feed. Then we integrate all the improvements in real-time, on an ongoing basis. This is how we make sure that your checkout always has maximum conversion. On all types of platforms and devices. You can always design Klarna Checkout so it matches your online store.

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