Rule was founded in 2007 in Stockholm with the goal of making it easier to communicate digitally. Since Rule was founded, we have added more channels and our technology has become more advanced. Our mission is just as important now as it was then - to simplify digital communication and make it relevant with the highest possible conversion rate.

Today, Rule is one of the largest Nordic communication platforms within advanced digital communication and distribution throughout the entire customer journey. Rule's SaaS Digital Growth Platform enables segmented, personalised, automated and data-driven communications to over seven hundred companies and organisations across four continents that together send over 100 million digital messages to more than 50 million subscribers each month.

Jetshop in collaboration with Rule offers the sharpest communication platform on the market for digital messaging.
Rule is an innovative communication platform for data-driven marketing. Create, send and follow-up on newsletters, offers and automated mailouts. Follow the customer throughout the buying cycle by devising a smart strategy to welcome, retain and attract lost customers back to you.

Your marketing communications can be segmented and personalised with the help of relevant customer data such as order history, engagement, and customer behaviour, allowing you to get closer to your customers and build long-term relationships.