Sello is a high-performance e-commerce platform with a focus on high-quality complete connections for marketplace channels. Sello is one of the leading Swedish marketplace integration platforms and has been on the market since 2006. With Sweden's largest range of marketplace channels that are constantly expanding, Sello gives you the most optimal growth opportunities for your e-commerce company. Connect directly to Sello via some of our partners – benefit from all of Sello's functions directly from the security of your already established e-commerce structure with the possibility of post-enriching your product data in Sello's well-designed administration platform.

Collaborating with Sello opens new doors and endless opportunities for your e-commerce growth through well-established marketplace channels - without setting any limits on what is possible.
The system is totally scalable, cloud-based and builds on a state-of-the-art system architecture that only uses the latest technologies in web-based internet services.
Gather all your marketplace channels under one roof with a circular e-commerce cycle directly from your current system, from product creation to order delivery - no hassle and no complications - just a very smart complement to your current e-commerce system.

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