Norce Feed management

Reach out with your products

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Launch your business

Digital marketing is about reaching out with your products in an automated, measurable and cost-effective way. Norce Feed management gives you the tools to reach customers where they already exist – through both sales on marketplaces and advertising on social networks.

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More channels from your existing platform

Norce Feed management allows you to use your existing e-commerce platform to reach out with your message. No adaptation or integration is needed to get started. You can easily add additional sales channels to offer your products and services to more people than ever – whenever you want.

Better margins with profitable advertising

With Norce’s digital marketing services, you can decide which products to sell or advertise where. And you can do it entirely based on your own business rules. You decide which margin to use and which categories of products to sell in each sales channel.



Measurable results for all investments

All campaigns you conduct through Norce’s platform are measurable and can be continuously optimised for the best possible results. You can see how each campaign is going and make any necessary changes to get a better return on your advertising budget in all channels.




Updated and customised in all channels

Our digital marketing service helps you keep track of all product information and adapts it to the current rules for each marketplace or ad network. Your updates and stock levels are accurately reflected in all channels so that you don’t risk selling goods that aren’t in stock.

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Norce Feed management marketing channels

With Norce Feed management you have only one point of contact, but access to many marketplaces and channels. You can start selling right away. We also add new innovative and profitability enhancing channels over time.