Meet Great IT - our new Solution Partner

Great IT has made a strategic move by joining forces with Norce as a Solution Partner.  This collaboration fills us with anticipation, and we are enthusiastic about exploring the motivations and viewpoints that led to this decision. Daniel Eldrup, one of the founding members of Great IT, provides us with valuable insights into the rationale behind their choice.

Tell us about Great IT

The Digital Agency at Great IT was founded in the beginning of 2019 by me and my friend, Victoria Daya. We came from freelancing and wanted to build something bigger that creates complete solutions and greater value for our customers. Our offering is comprehensive and serves as a one-stop-shop, where we both build and further develop web and e-commerce solutions in-house, and also offer consulting services if the customer's own team needs to be strengthened with specific expertise. We help with everything from strategy work and data analysis, to UX/UI, SEO and, not least, the development of technical solutions.

What are your main strengths as an agency?

We are flexible in our setup, where we tailor the team based on the client's needs. For us, the most important thing is to focus on the organizational requirements, needs, and long-term goals, with a primary focus on the client's customers. We recommend the solutions that best fit what the client wants to achieve. With our combined experience in e-commerce, we are equipped to create tremendous value and increase sales for our clients. Our clients says that we are extremely passionate and driven, and like our way of challenging, which is the culture we have been very keen to create at our agency.

Great IT at large is a comprehensive provider of consulting services within IT. It is a major advantage to be able to assist our clients with change management, IT support, technical specialists, cloud, analytics, risk & security etc.

Why did you decide to become a Norce Solution Partner?

Deciding to become a Norce Solution Partner was a strategic choice influenced by the dynamic nature of the e-commerce landscape, which demands solutions capable of rapidly developing new functionalities to enhance the customer shopping experience. The headless architecture of Norce offers a sustainable competitive edge, facilitating effortless integration with a variety of systems and delivering exceptional performance. Moreover, the unparalleled customization flexibility provided by Norce enables us to craft solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of each client, reflecting our commitment to delivering personalized service and fostering innovation.

What are the main benefits of Norce from your point of view?

Norce is a strong and forward-leaning platform, with headless and modular/composite thinking, making it flexible to tailor solutions to a client's business and needs. It is easy and cost-effective to scale up the platform when the client reaches a point where it is needed, without having to rebuild or switch platforms. This makes the platform suitable for clients at different stages in their digital presence, both B2B and B2C. The platform is continuously developed with new features and improvements, where Norce really shows that they are at the forefront and listens to trends and the market's needs at large.

What benefits does the collaboration bring to customers?

We challenge each other's ideas and thoughts, which ensures our clients receive the best and most future-proof solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology. Norce is very knowledgeable in e-commerce and does not hesitate to discuss and bounce everything from e-commerce strategy to technical solutions. With an extended arm in this collaboration, more sharp minds contribute to our common clients, and we achieve further levels with e-commerce.


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