Meet Motillo - our new Solution Partner

Jakob Twedmark from Motillo

Motillo has taken a strategic step by teaming up with Norce as a Solution Partner. This partnership brings us great excitement and we are eager to delve into the reasons and perspectives behind it. Jakob Twedmark from Motillo, shares their valuable insights and the logic behind their decision.

Tell us about Motillo

Motillo was founded over 10 years ago by myself and a friend of mine. I was facing a move back to Värmland and wanted to start something of my own. My friend jumped on board, and now we have a team of over 20 people working from our office in Karlstad.

Five years ago, we made the decision to fully focus on e-commerce. During this time, we have been in contact with you at Norce, and now that we see an increased need to work with a composable and headless-native solution, we are pleased to become a Solution Partner of Norce. This allows us to have a wider offering to our customers.

What are your main strengths as an e-commerce consulting firm?

One of our strengths is that we are the perfect size to provide exceptional attention to our customers. As an online retailer and a customer of ours, you won't get lost among countless others. We dedicate a significant amount of effort and energy to each individual customer. Additionally, if you require assistance beyond technology and design, we have built a strong growth team that helps our customers thrive. We actively work on SEO, advertising, and offer advisory services.

Why did you decide to become a Norce Solution Partner?

The development of e-commerce is advancing rapidly, and online retailers need to quickly introduce new functionality to enhance the shopping experience. We believe that customers prefer ready-made solutions that allow them to easily add functionality and services. This is where we see the advantage of a headless solution, as it simplifies the integration of various external systems. There are also clear benefits in terms of performance and user experience when separating the e-commerce platform itself, allowing for more flexibility in working with different frameworks and leveraging modern technology. It feels future-proof.

What are the main benefits of Norce from your point of view?

Of course, we appreciate the entire setup of being able to choose our CMS and other components to integrate with Norce. We are actively developing our own accelerator and look forward to working with it on the Norce platform.

Norce is a truly excellent and future-proof e-commerce engine, but it also features a highly thought-out PIM system with advanced bundles and package items, for example. It's an impressive PIM with numerous possibilities. The pricing engine within Norce is also very intriguing and a definite advantage.

What benefits does the collaboration bring to customers?

What I have always appreciated about Norce in the dialogue we have had is the significant e-commerce expertise among all involved. Whether we receive a product demo, discuss technical matters, or engage in sales contexts, we have found a very high level of e-commerce competence. We truly like that! It makes it easier for us to communicate with customers and collectively find the right solution for each customer. Together, we can understand the customer's needs and sometimes even challenge them to showcase additional possibilities. In this way, we can help the customer grow in their business by taking a comprehensive approach together.


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