The Broader Perspective is an Important Factor for Partnersense

We welcome Partnersense as a new Solution Partner to Storm Commerce!

Adán Hultgren, Co-Founder of Partnersense – and an old friend of ours, at Storm Commerce – talks about why Partnersense both sees and wants to take responsibility for the full extent of their clients' e-commerce investments:

Hi, Adán! Can you tell us a bit about Partnersense?

Partnersense was founded in 2020, but we who work here, at Partnersense, have many years of experience in digital commerce. We believe that with our experience and our network, we can help pave the way for many who are contemplating how they can accelerate their commerce; regardless of whether it is to reach new markets or new customer segments, broaden their range, or [those] who want to experiment their way ahead.

What are your primary qualities, as an agency?

We see “the whole”, and are happy to take responsibility it. We have learned that individual systems do not make much of a difference, if the whole does not work as intended! This is always important, but especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Why did you decide to become a Storm Commerce Solution Partner?

We have known the Storm gang for a long time, and one of the foundational pillars to us starting Partnersense was to do fun projects with fun clients and fun partners; and that is where Storm Commerce – as a company, and as a platform – fits in, perfectly!

What are your expectations for this collaboration?

To do fun projects together! Storm Commerce has a good set-up with Storm Academy, where our new employees can learn and familiarize themselves with the platform; and we know that we always get the support we need, in our projects and commitments.

What are the major benefits of the Storm Commerce e-commerce platform, as you see them?

We have worked with a lot of platforms, over the years; but there are three factors that distinguish Storm Commerce, extensively! The first is that, it's so quick to get started. There is very little development and more configuration; and we, and our clients, like that! The second is that, it is extremely flexible! With the APIs that are offered,
e-commerce is easy to get going, for both B2B and B2C, multi-sites, etc. But the third and really exciting benefit is that, it is then possible to take the solution to the next level; and really differentiate and create innovation, "for real"!

What benefits do this collaboration bring to clients?

With Partnersense and Storm Commerce, clients get fast and easy installations, a stable platform, and endless possibilities to expand!

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