B2B e-commerce with Adan Hultgren from Partnersense

Adan Hultgren

What is key to B2B business success according to our Solution Partner Partnersense?

We asked a selected few of our Solution Partners to give us their view on the requirements and best practices for modern B2B commerce and also asked them to give us a prediction for the future. 

Let's hear what Adan Hultgren, Co-Founder of Partnersense has to say.


What are the three most important things to consider in B2B e-commerce?

  1. Customers and businesses are in constant change and that’s something very important to consider in B2B e-commerce. With that in mind, if you position your business and B2B e-commerce to swiftly adapt to the market changes and enable the capability to test new approaches, you will most likely take lead in your field.
  2. B2B e-commerce is rarely a one-man job, to reach your full potential you need to have a great multidisciplinary team that can cover all from product information, sales, support, and logistics to IT. The teams differ in composition and there is no one golden setup, that needs to be specific for your business. Take help from friends in the industry and hire or outsource the parts that you are missing.
  3. B2B e-commerce is usually technically challenging, there is often a need for several integrations to ERP, CRM, and other systems within the organization and to partners. Your B2B e-commerce platform and the process should enable you to scale these types of integrations and not hinder you from accomplishing your goals.

What are the three strongest trends within B2B-commerce? 

  1. Digitalization of everything, it’s a new generation of people working in B2B, and they are well-known with tablets and smartphones which has made it possible for organizations to easily adopt digitalization. What we can see is that more processes now are fully supported via B2B e-commerce or has technical support from the B2B e-commerce i.e., salespeople using the B2B e-commerce as a digital product catalogue.
  2. Scale-out, Swedish and Scandinavian companies are doing well and the accessibility to reach new markets has increased with the standardization within the EU. We can see more and more B2B e-commerce companies moving out in the world.
  3. Consolidation, there is a lot of competition and there is a lot of consolidation happening in the market.

Give us some of the unique advantages of your B2B-storefront!

  1. It’s hard to do B2B e-commerce great, there is a need for a lot of attempts (often failed ones). Our CommerSense platform with our B2B Storefront is the result of us making a lot of attempts to make great e-commerce so you get a great solution on your first attempt.
  2. CommerSense B2B is a composable framework that enables you to connect all your current platforms with the industry-leading ones, and also enables you to grow the business in a fast but stable way.
  3. With the B2B composable way of doing things, the storefront is almost a matter of design. Meaning that it is a super-fast time to market, not only for the first market but for all others to follow on the journey to conquer the world!


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About Partnersense

Partnersense was founded with a conviction that technology and trade should be discussed together and that solutions and processes should be drawn on the same whiteboard. The Partnersense network includes experienced process and business developers, project managers, solution architects, requirements specialists and developers, all with practical experience in developing and implementing solutions in e-commerce, product information and customer communication.

Partnersense often helps throughout the project – and can assist with project management, requirements, business development and solution architecture to ensure that you reach all the way. They often work in roles where a good understanding of technology and business requirements go hand in hand.

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