B2B e-commerce with Alexander Kafkaletos from Camelonta

What is key to B2B business success according to our Solution Partner Camelonta?

We asked a selected few of our Solution Partners to give us their view on the requirements and best practices for modern B2B commerce and also asked them to give us a prediction for the future. 

Let's hear what Alexander Kafkaletos, CEO of Camelonta has to say.


What are the three most important things to consider in B2B e-commerce?

  1. E-commerce platform and PIM
    – The heart of e-commerce. Finding the right platform and PIM, adapted to needs and budget, is vital in order to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, you might end up being stuck in your choice of upcoming features and cost-inefficient development opportunities.
  2. The ERP Software. The right choice in software makes it easier for you to master the complex product, order, stock, and delivery logic.
  3. Design the user experience according to the customers behaviour within your B2B commerce. For example -recurring orders, permissions, price lists and order approvals. These are things you need to address in your solution to make it effective and user-friendly.

What are the three strongest trends within B2B-commerce? 

  1. Headless e-commerce. A strong trend is to structure your e-commerce with headless technology. This way you separate your solutions logic into smaller parts that are best suited for the task. If you need to alter a specific part - you can do so with minimal impact. This is particularly well suited in B2B e-commerce since the system structure within B2B is often complex.
  2. PunchOut – Offering a so-called PunchOut process is a strong trend within B2B. By using PunchOut, an external system is allowed to access your product assortment and perform orders injected into the e-commerce. In this way, they can shop directly by using their own order software.
  3. AI-based search – Having a fast and intuitive search, where it is easy to find all products and content is fundamental today. However, with a search engine based on AI, or machine learning, you get features that adapt to what customers are looking for -which leads to an increased number of conversions.

Give us some of the unique advantages of your B2B-storefront!

  1. Our storefront is fully customizable according to the design you need and want.
  2. It is completely independent and API-based, which means that it can be made available in app format relatively easy.
  3. With our storefront, we can get on track with a first version of a relatively complex B2B e-commerce, with your specific business logic, in just a couple of months.


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About Camelonta

Camelonta is a digital agency that combines web development and digital marketing. The people at Camelonta are passionate about creating technical solutions, user-centered design and visual communication.

There are three teams within Camelonta who together with their customers form and create digital solutions and experiences:

  1. Business team with agency manager, business developer and project manager for business and project related issues.
  2. Experience team with experts on creative content and user-centered design.
  3. Development team with frontend, backend and full stack talents who all have different interests and skills in technology.

Camelonta has worked to create successful digital presence and accessibility since 2001.

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