Meet Rebecka - Head of Professional Services

Rebecka, our Head of the Professional Services team at Norce, is a key person who leads and supports our team in delivering high-quality services to our customers. Here is a brief introduction to Rebecka and the team's work.

Hello Rebecka! Tell us a little about what you did before joining Norce.

I started my career in medical technology at Cochlear, a company that specializes in hearing implants. There, I was involved in introducing e-commerce. It was an educational experience because the industry had a low maturity level. My interest in e-commerce grew, and later I switched jobs to another player in e-commerce. There, I was a project manager responsible for customers using the Magento platform. I learned even more about e-commerce and realized I had only scratched the surface.

I was then contacted by a recruiter looking for a technical project manager. I accepted because I liked the company. Now it's almost three years since I started at Norce. It is an industry that is constantly changing, with new technology, services, and players. It never gets boring in the e-commerce industry.

What is your role at Norce now?

I have recently returned from parental leave and now have a new role as the Head of the Professional Services team. We help existing customers with change management, answer questions, and perform updates. We can assist with reviewing e-commerce setups, providing relevant input, and suggesting improvement measures to develop the site to the next level. This can include adapting the frontend or adding a new payment solution, to name a few examples. We are an advisory part that provides customers with the input needed to add features to their existing site.

We have a team of application specialists, frontend developers, project managers, and project coordinators who support various departments to provide the customer with a comprehensive solution.

We aim to offer a good customer experience by combining professional service and genuine engagement in every step of the customer’s change process. We are committed to being a reliable partner and working closely with our customers, always focusing on understanding and promoting their business goals.

What attracted you to this role?
I think it is a priority to nurture our current customers. We have a large number of customers on our existing platforms, and it is important to continue delivering and being a natural choice for customers when they need advice. My team is the obvious choice when existing customers want to make changes or have questions.
My team represents Norce to our existing customers, and they should feel that we are available to them.

If you are interested in learning more about our retainer arrangement, contact us at: professionalservices@norce.io

If you have a request/wish for improvements to your existing shop/e-commerce, please contact us via our contact center for further dialogue!

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