Meet Wilson Creative - our new Solution Partner

Wilson Creative has partnered with Norce as a Solution Partner. This dynamic collaboration promises to shape the future of e-commerce solutions across various industries. We sat down with Hasse Hofvergård, CEO of Wilson Creative, to explore the motivations and perspectives behind this strategic decision.

Tell us about Wilson Creative

We are a digital marketing agency with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in e-commerce solutions and enhancing digital platforms. Our expertise spans from creating strategic marketing campaigns to developing user-focused designs that drive sales and improve customer engagement.

What are your main strengths as an agency?

Our core strengths include our deep expertise in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design, which ensures that every project is not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly. We are agile in our approach, adept at understanding and fulfilling our clients' unique needs, and committed to driving tangible results through innovative digital solutions.

Why did you decide to become a Norce Solution Partner?

We chose to partner with Norce because we believe in their platform's ability to offer versatile, powerful e-commerce solutions. Their commitment to innovation aligns with our own values, and their software complements our expertise in creating exceptional online retail experiences.

What are the main benefits of Norce from your point of view?

Norce stands out for its flexible architecture and user-friendly interface. It allows us to build customized solutions that can easily adapt to the specific requirements of our clients. Additionally, Norce's robust integration capabilities enable us to seamlessly connect with various digital tools and services, enhancing our overall offering.

What benefits does the collaboration bring to customers?

Our collaboration with Norce brings numerous benefits to customers, including streamlined operations, enhanced user experiences, and increased sales. Clients benefit from the combined expertise of our agency's creative solutions and Norce's advanced technology, making their e-commerce platforms more effective and competitive in the market.


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