Welcome GAIM to the Norce Family!

We are thrilled to announce that GAIM Immersive Technology Group has joined our growing list of esteemed clients! 🚀

About GAIM Immersive Technology Group

GAIM is at the forefront of technological innovation, developing a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) product that is set to revolutionize training for hunters, police officers, and sport shooters. Their state-of-the-art technology allows users to practice shooting at moving targets in a highly realistic virtual environment. This advanced VR simulation offers an unparalleled training experience, promising tangible improvements in skills and performance.

Why GAIM Chose Norce Commerce

GAIM’s decision to collaborate with Norce Commerce was driven by two main factors that align perfectly with their vision and technical requirements:

Headless Architecture
Norce Commerce’s headless architecture allows flexibility and seamless integration with other systems. This ensures a smooth user experience for GAIM’s customers.

Powerful Campaign Management
Norce Commerce’s robust campaign management capabilities enable GAIM to run targeted promotions, optimize sales, and drive growth.

Collaboration with Kruso

We are also excited to collaborate with our partner, Kruso, to support GAIM’s e-commerce journey. Kruso’s expertise in digital development and strategic consulting will complement our efforts, ensuring that GAIM’s online presence is not just functional but exemplary. Together, we will work towards creating a seamless and engaging e-commerce platform that reflects GAIM’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

Looking Ahead

The addition of GAIM Immersive Technology Group to our client roster marks a significant milestone for Norce Commerce. We are eager to embark on this journey with GAIM, supporting their mission to provide cutting-edge VR training solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work closely with GAIM to enhance their digital capabilities and deliver an exceptional online experience for their customers. 🌟

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