What is Endless Aisle?


Endless Aisle is a strategy that can be applied in a physical store, where a broader range of products is accessible to the customer than what is available in the actual store. The term is meant to symbolize an infinite array of products, that the consumer can access. The expanded range is usually offered via an application (e. g., a tablet, or a touchscreen), and can be ordered in a store, with any delivery method. The concept is most often used by retail companies with existing e-commerce sites.

endless aisle bild

Endless Aisles can be configured differently. The most common is to equip staff, in the store, so that they have access to the expanded product catalog. Then, they can present these alternatives to the customer, if the product s/he is looking for, is not in the store's warehouse. The staff can order the desired item for the customer, directly in the store.

You can also offer Endless Aisle via deployed interactive touch screens. The customer is then given the opportunity to discover the entire product catalog, and order, on their own. The customer is then not dependent on interaction with the staff in the store.

Read how Cervera works with Endless Aisle, in our customer case.


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