You don't become a specialist overnight. We've been developing our business system competence for over twenty years at NaviPro.

E-commerce platforms need to be integrated with a business system for e-commerce to become a natural part of the company feed. It's smart for e-traders to have a scalable solution now that technology is developing so quickly.

We deliver business systems with high functionality and flexibility with a customer base of mainly design, fashion and clothing companies.
We also supply companies in other industries where there is a significant requirement to be able to understand a complex reality.
By combining the Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central business system with a high level of competence and long industry experience in financial management, production, logistics and marketing, we create efficient information systems for our customers and provide them with a flexible platform for future growth.
With the strength of Microsoft behind you, you can be sure that there are resources in place so your business system will be at the head of IT development.