Briqpay offers a flexible B2B checkout as well as an automated registration form. Briqpay works with local and international companies where payment flows and registration forms are adapted to each country and company's specific requirements. Through one integration, companies gain access to any desired payment method including the company's own invoice, packaged in a conversion optimized checkout. With automated credit checks and credit rules, companies can direct the right customer to the right payment method in real-time.

Some Benefits of Briqpay Registration Form

  • Simplify new customer acquisition by minimizing the number of steps in the process.
  • Flexibility to add and adjust requested fields.
  • All new customers' company information is validated.
  • Apply rules to different parameters on how customers should be handled.

Some advantages of Briqpay B2B Checkout

  • Include any desired payment methods in one Checkout, incl. own invoice.
  • Have full control over payment flows through instant credit checks and a set rule framework.
  • Customize the Checkout on a country-specific level and easily scale into new markets.
  • Make adjustments when needed based on valuable insight.

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FEED (PIM) is a powerful PIM tool used by many Nordic companies in various industries. The system can easily be set up to retrieve and send product data to and from industry databases, suppliers and customers and to collect all information:
texts and attributes (in your desired languages), pictures, documents and other media files. Link products and take control!
FEED is integrated with Jetshop snd mapped to each customer's installation. iSYS can create integrations with companies' other solutions such as ERP, POS and more. Read more here
InStock is a professional WMS/stockroom solution for large and small businesses. The solution allows you to scan goods and orders so you have control over your stock and flow of goods in the warehouse.

There are a range of benefits:

  • Increased productivity with more effective article processing
  • Fewer instances of incorrect picking, fewer complaints and happier customers
  • Increased traceability and stockroom reporting
  • Better overview of the stockroom and stockroom replenishment needs
  • Package slide level 3
  • Possible extension of Voice Control Pick with VOXON

    InStock WMS is an Android app on a mobile device. You also get a web solution for overview, reporting and administration.