Norce Connect

Hub for the most important integrations in your e-commerce

It is extremely important that communication between all your systems, tools, and functionality of your e-commerce platform, is never interrupted. To ensure that our merchants have a secure, well-serviced and updated digital infrastructure; we offer Norce Connect.

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Norce Connect

Is an integration hub that serves both back- and front-ends, with system-requested information. With Norce Connect, all relevant systems are joined at a central hub; which creates a functionality structure, between these connections.

Benefits of Norce Connect 

  • Currently updated integrations, to-and-from the Commerce Engine
  • Inclusion of integration support and maintenance
  • Secure data flows, between your various systems and platforms
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Norce Connect monitors linkages with

  • Warehouse Systems (WMS)
  • Business Systems (ERP)
  • Cash Register Systems (POS)
  • Product Information Systems (PIM)
  • Loyalty Programs (CRM)

Norce Connect creates functionality structure at data points, such as

  • Product Data
  • Order Data
  • Price Lists
  • Financial Account Balance
  • Shipping info
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Finished connections to your most important systems

Your systems are connected to a central hub, which results in a fast data transfer and smooth updates if any provider makes changes to their API.


Broaden your business with Norce Feed Management

Digital marketing is about reaching out with your products; in an automated, quantitative, and cost-effective way. With Norce Feed Management, you have access to feed implementation tools with which to reach your customers, on external channels.

  • Dynamic business rules and data enrichment
  • Unlimited number of custom feeds
  • Automated, quantitative, and cost-effective solution
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