Release notes

November 30:th 2022


Changes, improvements and new functionalities have been made in Norce [Storm] admin when it comes to working with images and files.

 So what is new?

  • Improved user interface when it comes to working with images and files. Both uploading and deletion of files have a new look and feel to it.
  • Now it’s possible to move images or files from a main product to a variant, and back. You can also move images between variants.
  • Sorting your images is now a lot easier as you can drag-and-drop images or files between different sections within the same product or variant. You can also drag-and-drop images or files in the sort order you would like them to appear in.
  • Unwanted or old main images? Now you can delete main images by using our batch functionality.

October 18:th 2022

New Features:
  • New multiple price import - as a user can you now import price updates for multiple price lists, all in one single import. Perfect functionality to use for upcoming campaigns during black week and Christmas holidays. Find documentation here 
There have also been some minor bug-fixes
  • Company address not shown on either basket- or order detail.
  • When searching for products when creating a promotion with effects Select product > result didn't list variants.
  • Import failed when the price column was empty.

September 5:th 2022

New Features:
  • Enable authorization for RequestTranslation-button on a specific role. 
  • Get basket detail from Storm API to display correct prices, promotions, shipping and rounding - instead of reading baskets from database, we're now reading all basket details from Storm API to ensure that all business logic on a basket looks the same on the website as it does in Admin.
Bug Fixes:
  • When a category has the checkbox "Can Add to subscription" enabled, the default checkbox of the same type should be enabled on the products, when the inheritance arrow is used.
  • Error message occurred when filter on "Created" > "Last 30 days" under Companies. 
  • All images and files will remain as variant unique when creating new variants under a product. Same when splitting variants from each other.
  • The wrong price list was read at 4 for 3 promotion. Price list with higher prices was read, but this is now fixed.
  • Subscriptions with empty basket was creating orders.