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How to improve your digital B2B sales - Our top 3 tips

It is no secret that the pandemic has changed the way many of us live and work. The road to digitalization has taken huge leaps, from flexible workplaces to digital meetings and consumption patterns.

How have new habits and changing purchasing patterns affected business-to-business trade?

For years, it has been said that the digitalization of B2B is about to take off, and although there is a gradual development, it is not a curve that resembles a hockey stick. The question is whether the trend shift is coming now. As more and more people become accustomed to making digital purchases, this will increase the demand for a good customer experience as an orderer.

So what can I do as a B2B selling company to improve my customers' digital experience?

Here are three tips on how to improve your digital B2B sales:

Enrich your products 
In the B2B world, large quantities are often sold, which requires comprehensive product information for customers to feel safe in their purchase. In addition, the rules on returns are entirely different in a B2B context. Therefore, make sure to specify the correct dimensions, classifications, tolerances, certificates, etc. so that customers know they are getting exactly what they request.

Connect manufacturers and retailers 
A clear trend among retailers is to expand their product range in order to reach a larger audience. To minimize manual work, it becomes more important to create a more automated product flow. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can help your retailers by making it easy to retrieve updated product catalogues. If you can also provide updated stock levels and delivery dates, this will be beneficial to both you and your customers, as you will no longer have to answer the constant question "When will you get it in stock?" With the help of modern APIs, it is easy to convey that type of information to your customers' systems.

Customer-specific prices 
In the B2B world, it is the rule, rather than the exception, to divide customers into different categories and offer them unique prices, ranges, discounts, or a combination of these. Offering your customers the ability to see their range at the right price will definitely improve the customer experience and increase the number of orders through your digital channels.


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