What is a PSP?

A PSP (Payment Service Provider) is a company that provides online payment services. A payment service provider is connected to a number of payment facilitators (banks, acquirers, and credit card companies). The PSP then gives the e-merchant access to these entities, through a single interface. This provides the e-merchant with easy access to various payment options and payment methods; which are a necessity, in order to charge customers.
When an e-commerce transaction is made, it is registered with the PSP; which, in turn, forwards the payment to the e-merchant. A fee is usually charged for each transaction registered with the payment service provider.

Benefits to the E-merchant
A PSP enables the e-merchant to accept different types of payment solutions, through a single channel. The payment methods provided for are usually - credit or debit card payments, invoice solutions, direct payments, and Swish.
It may be cheaper for an e-merchant to use a PSP, rather than to pay the various transaction fees directly to the different payment facilitators; since a PSP can negotiate with the various payment facilitators and acquire discounts.
Integration between a PSP & a Webshop
The integration between a payment service provider and an online store is a functionality that the various e-commerce platforms build and take responsibility for.
Storm Commerce has integrated, and maintains, a number of different so-called “Managed Adapters”; including – Dibs, Svea Ekonomi, Klarna, Resurs Bank, and Collector Bank. This provides a rapid launch pad; once you, as a customer, have decided which Checkout solution you want for your webshop.


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