What is a TA System?

A TA system (Transport Administration) helps to coordinate and streamline the handling of transports. TA systems are used by companies that need to buy and book transports, from several different transport companies; such as DB Schenker, UPS and PostNord. The system normally helps to book transports, print shipping documents, and track and follow up transports, with several carriers.

A TA system will facilitate and improve the interaction between the company's order management system, the distribution center, and those who handle the physical transport of the goods that the company wants to send to its customers.

TA systems that work well provide better planning, smarter loading, and the opportunity to use the most suitable carrier. The transport chain also becomes more transparent, which makes it easy to respond, should problems arise.

Storm Commerce has no direct connection with TA systems; but rather, deliveries are handled through the business system. Storm Commerce can, however, process package ID / tracking links, which can be viewed on “My Pages”.

Examples of known TA systems: Consignor and Unifaun.


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