What is POS - Point of Sale?


POS is the cash register solution, itself (both hardware and software); where the customer makes payment for the goods or services purchased in the store.

There are also mobile POS solutions that are used by store personnel, directly in sales conversations with customers; for increased service and additional sales in the store.

A modern POS system supports integration with other systems. A seamless shopping experience can be accomplished only when all sales channels have the same information; and are connected, in real time.

An efficient POS system gives the merchant the tools to streamline business processes and working methods; and supports omnichannel – which contributes to an increased shopping experience, more satisfied consumers, and improved revenue.



Omnichannel services - a modern POS - should support:

1. “Click & Collect” in store – with integrated notification, and delivery tracking.

2. Item retrieval, packaging, and delivery – directly from the store.

3. Order placement in store – with delivery from a central warehouse, or other store.

4. Web reservation of goods – from a central warehouse, or store.

5. Gift card management – for web and store.

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