Changed front-end during high season, and set record sales

Hekta på Tur is a leading Norwegian supplier of outdoor equipment, with a broad target group that includes everything from beginners to experienced nature lovers, all with a shared interest in wonderful nature walks.

Brief information about Hekta på Tur

  • Hekta På Tur’s big goal is to provide a better outdoor experience with its products.

  • Sells advanced equipment and quality goods for outdoor activities.

  • Both beginners and experienced outdoor lovers as a target group, primarily from 25-50.

  • The purchase journey is through their own articles, tips and advice, social media and marketing via Google/Facebook.

    Main KPIs for new e-commerce

  • Increased conversions

  • More satisified and repeat customers

  • Clear ROI


Hekta på Tur is a leading Norwegian supplier of outdoor equipment, with a broad target group that includes everything from beginners to experienced nature lovers, all with a shared interest in wonderful nature walks.

The company started after a canoe ride

After a canoe ride in bad weather, Rune Kjeldsen realised the importance of functional clothing. Shortly afterwards, he started Hekta På Tur with the goal of providing a better outdoor experience with its products.

For everyone that loves to take a trip

Hekta på Tur is a company that is aimed at all kinds of outdoor lovers. The main target group is from 25-50 years, with an even distribution between women and men.


Norce has always been Hekta På Tur's partner, and the partnership has lasted thanks to compatible administration systems, good guidance and a common goal. In 2020, both parties decided that it was time to take Hekta på Tur's e-commerce to a new level. That's why front-end was introduced with Norce storefront.

Norce has been with us since the start in 2012, and we have both grown significantly during the eight years that have followed. We've grown together. That's why it's fun to take a new step together," says Lars Kristian Nymoen, Brand Manager at Hekta På Tur. 

To increase user-friendliness, speed and conversion, Hekta på Tur decided to invest in a new front-end framework. 

It's a very stable and user-friendly system that has focus where you need it: fast charging times and a good shopping experience. 

Oskar Tornberg, Head of CSM at Norce.


After the new launch with front-end built on Flight, there was a marked improvement. 
Juni 2020 – okt 2020 with the same period 2019 


Increased income 


Increased traffic

An important reason why Norce is our partner is their partner role where high technical expertise is always available.

Lars Kristian Nymoen Hekta på Tur


Increased mobile transactions 

Figures before vs after Norce storefront:

Homepage: 1,5 – 2 seconds faster.
Category pages: 1,5 – 2 seconds faster.
Product pages: approx. 2 seconds faster.



The new e-commerce was planned for launch during the high season, which always means taking a risk. There were also extensive changes as the site has had the same foundation since 2012.

Making bigger changes for e-commerce, with a change of structure: in short, a brand new front-end in high season means that everything has to work perfectly. There's no room for technical problems or lost time.

The combined competence from Hekta På Tur, the design partner Ebeling and Norce felt at the professionally knowledgeable level required to launch during the high season, says Lars Kristian Nymoen.



In addition to front-end via Norce storefront, Product Feed Management was used to increase marketing opportunities. And the technical advice was always present.


Hekta På Tur are very active when it comes to creating content to market themselves. Their in-house team creates videos and tips and advice for outdoor life. They work actively with social media. That's why Norce's marketing service Product Feed Management was an important asset. The tool makes it easier to market via Google and Facebook.

Norce is the knowledge partner

Norce is a knowledge partner that always aims to provide comprehensive technical advice, so that their customers can focus on their own cutting-edge expertise.


Norce storefront

Loading times can often be a deciding factor in whether a customer chooses to stay on a page or not. For example, Google surveys show that 53% of visitors leave a web page if the loading time is over 3 seconds.

That's why Norce created storefront - their own super-fast front-end framework that significantly shortens all loading times.

Norce storefront is a front-end framework written in Facebook's proprietary JavaScripts library and React - where the focus is on the best possible performance. In Norce storefront you have access to most e-commerce features for faster time-to-live; in addition, ongoing updates and improvements are delivered.

Norce storefront has:

  • Focus on performance
  • Super-fast front-end
  • Adaptation for Mobile first
  • Automatic testning
  • Support for Enhanced analytics and Tag manager



With a focus on inspiration and guides regarding product selection for the consumer and how they use them in nature. An example of this can be a clear step-by-step guide to how to make a fire in the best way. Hekta på Tur also creates inspiration, and works with brand building via content on its site and social media.

With access to Norce storefront, the marketing team at Hekta has greater freedom of choice in how they design their content. Hekta på Tur also works with bestsellers at the top of the site and on the category pages.


Hekta på Tur has a large amount of filter choices that make it easier for the customer to adapt their search to find exactly the outdoor equipment that is wanted.

Third party solutions

Unifaun Shipping checkout

Hekta på Tur has recently implemented Unifaun shipping checkout to increase the conversion and improve the user experience at checkout. This gives the customer the opportunity to choose how the product should be shipped and where it should be dropped off. Unifaun also makes it easier for Hekta på Tur to add more shipping methods and logistics solutions.

Hello Retail

Hello Retail is a company that, among other things, offers efficient search services. By having Hello Retail as a third-party solution, Hekta på Tur can offer a personalised image search and category search. The search results are based on who is shopping and how they have behaved in the past. Smart solutions help Hekta På Tur increase the conversion of visitors to the site.

Head of CSM has the floor

We look forward to taking the collaboration to the next level with a presence in Norway. It will be a closer collaboration thanks to the close e-commerce strategy collaboration and the fact that we are investing in Norway. It's great working with Hekta på Tur's team. They like to test new solutions, are innovative, and everything always flows smoothly.


It was important that the change of front-end went smoothly, and wasn't besieged with technical concerns. Ebeling web agency was involved in building the site's design. It's a recipe for success. Lars Kristian Nymoen quotes Klarna by describing the entire launch as "Smooth".

"Our previous solutions have worked well. But access to new technology with higher performance and better user-friendliness is clearly something we're interested in. And the investment was really worth implementing, because now we have much better sales figures. The whole change went very smoothly, quite simply." 

The support was also praised by Lars. 

“An important reason why Norce is our partner is their role as a partner that ensures high technical expertise is always available. This is really very practical."