PhoneLife started on a small scale back in 2011, with a vision to offer good and useful mobile accessories to customers in Sweden. What began with a couple of different types of cases for an early generation of the iPhone has now developed into one of Europe's largest and best online stores for mobile accessories.

The company grew quickly from the beginning, and in 2020 the decision was made to make the e-commerce more scalable as expansion in several markets was imminent. An important component of this was to have a flexible e-commerce platform. Together with Omniarch, a feasibility study was conducted in 2021 to evaluate different platform alternatives. The choice fell on Norce Commerce.

"The hope with the investments we made was to get a good interaction between different systems that can deliver what we need to expand at the pace that matches us and our ambition. There, I think we have landed very well with the current solutions."

Julius Sleth, CEO of Phonelife

"I think both the setup and the people we worked with from Norce were very good. You could feel the can-do attitude and positive mindset that exists throughout the Norce team."

Julius Sleth, CEO of Phonelife

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Phonelife utmaningar

Outdated frontend

With an outdated and inflexible frontend, development plans could not be achieved.

Inflexible platform

Increasing their e-commerce to the desired level did not work with the existing solution.

Support for a large product catalog

Phonelife is approaching 10,000 products and wanted a solution that supported a further increased product catalog.

The Solution

Norce is a SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service) that enables unlimited growth and global expansion. Phonelife can now easily manage several countries, languages, and currencies by using the Norce platform. In addition, the new solution facilitates the efficient expansion of the product range.

"We focus on profitable growth, that's what you always say. But now I feel that the conditions for it are stable and really allow us to look long-term."

Julius Sleth, CEO of Phonelife

"During Black week, we really got to test how scalable we are now, both the organization and system. It all worked perfectly, and we would have no problem continuing keeping up with that pace."

Julius Sleth, CEO of Phonelife

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  1. The new solution is scalable and flexible. In 1.5 years, Phonelife has expanded to eleven countries and grown more than 50% between 2021 and 2022.
  2. Because of its fast scalability, a new market launch that used to take six months can now be completed in approximately one month.
  3. The current setup gives Phonelife the opportunity to focus even more on refining conversion optimization.
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