Meet Kodamera - our new Solution Partner

Digital agency, Kodamera has recently joined hands with us at Norce as a Solution Partner. We are pleased to announce this collaboration and are eager to delve deeper into their rationale behind this decision. In a conversation, Jonas Sahlin, from Kodamera, sheds light on their valuable insights and the reasoning behind their strategic choice.

Tell us about Kodamera

Kodamera is a digital agency in Gothenburg. We started in 2003 and have 15 employees. We help companies grow by creating and managing digital services, websites, and ecommerce solutions with a user-centric approach.

What are your main strengths as an agency?

As an agency, our main strength is our passion for putting the user at the center when creating digital solutions. We always consider the user experience, ensuring that our websites are not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. We also focus on enhancing the editorial experience by providing tools that make content management effortless. Additionally, we prioritize the developer experience by utilizing technology that is loved by the community, resulting in stable and adaptable solutions. In summary, we incorporate insights from users, editors, and developers to create impactful solutions.

Why did you decide to become a Norce Solution Partner?

We decided to become a Norce Solution Partner because we made a choice to invest more in digital commerce a few years ago and made the choice of SaaS and headless. We have a strong belief in the freedom that MACH and composable architecture offer, and we started a dialog with Norce that gave a very good impression from the beginning. We also appreciated the fact that Norce are a local player, which promotes close cooperation.

What are the main benefits of Norce from your point of view?

Norce strong position as a Nordic player is one of the main advantages. This means that Norce can tailor the development plan specifically to the Nordic market, ensuring that Norce develops the service in a way that is most relevant and beneficial to our region. We think that Norce's understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the Nordic landscape allows us to offer solutions that are both innovative and locally relevant. This regional focus, combined with Norce's commitment to being a premium supplier, makes Norce a valuable partner for all businesses operating in the Nordics.

What benefits does the collaboration bring to customers?

To drive commerce effectively, you require a tailored storefront that represents your brand, supports customers in exploring your product range, and enhances their buying journey. Behind the scenes, you need a robust set of services, including business systems, inventory management, product handling, ecommerce engine, search engine, as well as tools for customer relations and support. Kodamera delivers the storefront you need through its design and frontend expertise, ensuring that underlying services work together optimally. By incorporating Norce into our offering, we collectively deliver market-leading solutions for digital commerce.


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